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Why is there a Ringing in My Ears after a Concert?

Those who relish going out and seeing their favorite band or singer play live usually experience a ringing in their ears when the concert is over. The "ringing" can be a high pitched whine or squeal. Some folks have also described hearing "white noise...

06/12/13    Community Articles

Sudden Ear Ringing

Individuals have suffered from tinnitus for generations. Tinnitus is when an individual hears a continuing ringing in one or both of their ears. This sound will range from s low to a high pitch and it can be in both or one ear. Most folks are acquainted...

06/12/13    Community Articles

Ringing of the Ears

The ringing in someone's ears isn't a sound that everyone will hear and it often isn't serious. It's called tinnitus and it is not solely heard as a ringing in the ear however it can additionally be heard as a buzzing, roaring, whistling or hissing sound...

06/12/13    Community Articles

Is the Ringing in my Ears Caused by Blood Pressure? Is the Ringing in my Ears Caused by Blood Is Is the Ringing in my Ears Caused by Blood Pressure

As you'll recognize, some folks sufferer from having a continuing ringing or noise in their ears caused tinnitus. Most of the time tinnitus comes from the injury sustained within the inner ear. But, in some cases tinnitus can be a signal of an underlining...

06/12/13    Community Articles

Tinnitus Cure Information

It may surprise you to be told that regarding thirty six million Americans suffer from tinnitus that is that the term used for a ringing within the ears. This affliction may come back and go occasionally in somebody that's afflicted with it or it will be...

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