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About Tony Bray


Tony Bray studied jazz improvisation and jazz pedagogy with Jerry Coker at the University of Tennessee between 1981 and 1985. Also studied saxophone with William Scarlett, Bennie Wallace and Warne Marsh at this time. Graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Music in Studio Music and Jazz.

From 1985-1987 was a Teaching Assistant for Joel Leach at Cal State Northridge. At this time he set up CSUN’s “Small Jazz Group” program. Patterned after Jerry’s program at UTK.

Between 1987-1989, Tony taught performance, theory and production classes as part of the Commercial Music program. At that time, he wrote the curriculum for a series “Garageband Theory” classes.

During the years of 1989-2000 he was a full-time working “blue collar” musician. Paying dues in clubs, casinos, cruise ships. and coffee houses all over the world.

In 2000, Tony began working for the Roland Corporation as a support specialist. In addition to being a support specialist for Roland, he has also served as a clinician for several of its digital recording seminars. He has also produced several jazz records of his own as well as other artists.

In more recent years he found that it was time to combine his background in jazz improvisation and music technology by developing a series of mobile apps that aid in the instruction of jazz improvisation. The “iImprov” series.

Locally in Austin Texas, where he is currently working as a musician, Tony uses this system that he has developed through Jazz Apps Mobile with his current private students. His most recently presented at TMEA 2013 on the use of mobile apps for teaching jazz improvisation and theory in the classroom.

Tony Bray joined the JazzTimes community on May 24, 2013