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06/25/13    Community Articles

Clothing 101: Go Greener, Dress Yourself in Green With Organically produced Fashion

Eco friendly fashion If the fashion is considered natural and organic, then you are guaranteed that sustainable agricultural standards are being adhered to in growing the materials that are used in manufacturing all-natural clothing. To make clothing just...

06/25/13    Community Articles

Organic - The Modern Trend In Fashion

I would like to discuss how astonishing it is that there was a period in time when 100% organic cotton clothing was something nobody dwelled on or gave a second thought to. You may often let this go convinced that it's normal. Definitely not these days...

06/24/13    Community Articles

Comparing Sustainable Fashion to the Traditional Outfits

Sadly, traditionally grown cotton accounts for 27% of the global insecticide spraying, and adding yet another 11% of the world's pesticide use. Most of these harsh chemicals will end up within the clothing produced from this sort of common cotton.

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