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12/20/09    Albums

Up To Now
Bonnie Lowdermilk

It has taken cool jazz singer/pianist Bonnie Lowdermilk a little more than a decade to resurface after releasing her debut CD This Heart Of Mine with the Fred Hersch Trio to deliver her follow-up album Up To Now . With all arrangements made by Lowdermilk...


12/20/09    Albums

Pretty World
Anne Walsh

Vocalist Anne Walsh has an authentic style of singing that is neither purely jazz or purely pop but rather a fusion of the two. Joined by her husband Thomas Zink who produced and arranged her debut recording Pretty World released by his label A To Zink Music...


12/17/09    Albums

Kenny & Leah

Album review of Kenny and Leah Soderblom's CD, April In Paris


12/15/09    Albums

New York State Of Mind
Harry Allen

Album review of Harry Allen's CD, New York State Of Mind


12/09/09    Albums

Blue Bassoon
Daniel Smith

Album review of Daniel Smith's CD, Blue Bassoon


12/08/09    Albums

Brendan Romaneck/Keith Javors

Tribute album to saxophonist/composer Brendan Romaneck featuring Keith Javors, Chris Potter, Steve Wilson, Tereil Stafford, Delbert Felix, and John Davis


12/07/09    Albums

Komeda Project

Album reivew of Komeda Project's CD, Requiem


12/05/09    Albums

Sylvia Bennett

Album review of Sylvia Bennett's Christmas CD, It's Christmas Time With Sylvia Bennett from Out Of Sight Music :label.


12/02/09    Albums

Dan Moretti
Tres Muse

Album review of Dan Moretti's CD, Tres Muse


11/30/09    Albums

Justin Young

Album review of Justin Young's CD, Nothin' But Love


11/30/09    Albums

Baptiste Trotignon

Baptiste Trotignon lives up to the expectations foisted on him as a French pianist. He exhibits control with a gentle touch as he toggles between having a firm hold on the definition of the melodic patterns and moving with romantic caresses through the ruminating...


11/30/09    Albums

American Complex
Jim Gailloreto’s Jazz String Quintet

There is a noir jazz complexion in the music of Jim Gailloreto’s Jazz String Quintet that reverberates of haunting sensations in the harmonies of the instruments as they travel along serpentine-curved passageways. The group’s new CD, American Complex from...


11/30/09    Albums

Robert Kyle

There is a consensus about bossa nova music being first introduced to a universal audience through the world premier of the 1959 film “Orpheu Negro,” making the genre turn 50 years old in 2009. To celebrate bossa nova’s 50th Anniversary, saxophonist/flutist...


11/29/09    Albums

Next to the Shadow
Ivan Farmakovsky

Pianist Ivan Farmakovsky has an abstract approach to making music that reminds me of Wassily Kadinsky’s method of painting. Farmakovsky sprinkles his compositions in geometrical patterns and profound shapes that keep the music in a state of flux making his...


11/28/09    Albums

Quiet Joy
Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee has a voice that makes it appear she is frolicking through fields of grassy meadows which go on forever as she enjoys the fresh scents of the open air. On her new CD, Quiet Joy from SBE Records, her calming style is filled to the brim with a...


11/20/09    Albums

Roses & Wine
Royce Campbell Trio

Guitarist Royce Campbell has a liking for taking chord progressions from familiar standards and improvising new melodies with them. He thinks outside of the box while using material that comes from inside the box. He does so on his sophomore album Roses...

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