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02/03/11    Albums

Jenny Davis

Album review of Inside You from singer-songwriter Jenny Davis


01/31/11    Albums

Kathy Sanborn

album review of Kathy Sanborn's new release Blues For Breakfast from Pacific Coast Jazz Records


01/29/11    Albums

Ernie Hammes

Album review of Sanfrancha from trumpet player Ernie Hammes and his band Cubop

01/23/11    Community Articles

Ike Sturm's Band Performs for Order From Chaos

LIve review of Ike Sturm's band performing for the film Order From Chaos shown at St. Peter's Church in New York City


01/23/11    Albums

Jacqui Sutton

Album review of Jacqui Sutton's new CD Billie & Dolly from Toy Blue Typewriter Productions


01/22/11    Albums

Paula Prophet

Album review of Paul Prophet's new album From Me To You from Pacific Coast Jazz Records


01/22/11    Albums

Pamela Hines

Album review of Pamela Hines' new album Moon Germs


01/22/11    Albums

Lisa Maxwell

Review of Lisa Maxwell's new album Return To Jazz Standards


01/22/11    Albums

Jazz Folk

Jazz In The Stone Age, the new CD from jazz trio Jazz Folk has parcels of blues, folk, and soul jazz as pianist Matt McMahon leads the pack flanked by bassist Peter Scherr and drummer Simon Baker. The opening track “Corinna” has a ‘70s blues style reflective...


01/22/11    Albums

Jake Hertzog

Jazz guitarist Jake Hertzog holds nothing back on his new CD, Patterns from Bucky Ball Music. Joined by Victor Jones on drums and Harvie S on bass, Hertzog probes multiple nuances inherent in his guitar from the experimental inflections showcased in “Mcjazz”...


01/22/11    Albums

Marc Wagnon

Review of Marc Wagnon's new album Earth Is A Cruel Master


12/09/10    Albums

Matta Gawa

Album review of Ba from Matta Gawa


11/30/10    Albums

Richard Hart

Album review of Richard Hart's second solo album Blue Swing

11/29/10    Community Articles

Martin McQuade Performs His Annual Christmas Show in Brooklyn

Jazz vocalist Martin McQuade performs favorite Christmas tunes with Jesse Gelber on piano at Greenhouse Cafe in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

11/12/10    Community Articles

Cecil Taylor Plays Live at the French Embassy

Pianist Cecil Taylor performs a solo concert at the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. on November 10, 2010.


10/08/10    Albums

Leslie Lewis with The Gerard Hagen Trio

Album review of Leslie Lewis' new CD Keeper of the Flame

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