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10/03/16    Albums

Zlatko Kaučič Cerkno Jubileum Orchestra

Percussionist Zlatko Kaučič and his orchestra test the waters of improvisation on their new CD Zvocni Sejalec.


09/21/16    Albums

Milko Lazar/Zlatko Kaucic

A sonic expedition composed by Keyboardist Milko Lazar and drummer Zlatko Kaučič


09/19/16    Albums


A unique blend of chamber music and improvisation is heard on East West Daydreams as violinist Alexander Balanescu, drummer Zlatko Kaučič, and woodwind player Javier Girotto come together.


09/16/16    Albums

Matt Wilson's Big Happy Family

Wilson’s Big Happy Family is a raucous clan whose members span a considerable stylistic spectrum, spotlighting Wilson’s sonically inclusive versatility.

11/28/13    Albums

Dream with Me from Annette Genovese

Review of Annette Genovese's recording Dream with Me, dipping into the soul side of jazz.

02/22/13    Community Articles

Zlatko Kaucic

Review of the Dreilander Trio’s self-titled recording featuring pianist Claudio Cojaniz, bassist Giovanni Maier and percussionist Zlatko Kaucic

08/14/12    Community Articles

Book Review: Oscar Peterson by Jack Batten

Review of Jack Batten's biography on pianist Oscar Peterson


06/08/12    Albums

Jean-Pierre Chassé

Review of Jean-Pierre Chassé's new recording Pilgrim of the Strings from Productions de L’onde


05/30/12    Albums

Zlatko Kaučič

Review of Sound Fields for T.S. by Zlatko Kaučič


05/23/12    Albums

Lola Danza

Review of Lola Danza's latest CD The Island from Evolver Records

05/21/12    Community Articles

Book Review: The Jazz Standards

Review of Ted Gioia's new collection, The Jazz Standards


05/14/12    Albums

Claude Marc Bourget

Review of Claude Marc Bourget's album Noviaus Tanz

04/20/12    Community Articles

Musician Review: Meryl Romer

Interview with cabaret singer Meryl Romer

03/07/12    Community Articles

Edward Ricart

Interview with jazz/rock guitarist-bass player Edward Ricart


02/27/12    Albums

Nick Millevoi

Review of jazz guitarist Nick Millevoi's new album Black Figure of a Bird


02/27/12    Albums

Matta Gawa

Review of jazz improv duo Matta Gawa's new album Tambora

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