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November 2000    Grooves

Gregg Bissonette's

Nowadays, it's not unusual to see fusion cats sharing hangs with chops-heavy rockers. Or, if you prefer the other angle, chops-heavy rockers dipping into the fusion waters. Drummer Gregg Bissonette's Submarine (Favored Nations FN2010-2; 54:42) is studded...


November 2000    Grooves

Bunny Brunel/Dennis Chambers/Tony MacAlpine

On Cab (Tone Center TC 40072; 52:09) bassist Bunny Brunel ("Ivanhoe") hooks up with drum deity Dennis Chambers and guitarist Tony MacAlpine, a team that doesn't quite live up to what, on paper, appears to be great potential. The thin compositions don't offer...


November 2000    Grooves

Live Around the World: Where We Come From Tour 98-99
Vital Information

Journey alum Steve Smith has practically become a one-man fusion industry, through his solo workouts as well as his work with the long running Vital Information. The latter outfit's Live Around the World: Where We Come from Tour (Intuition Int 3296-2; 58...


November 2000    Grooves

The Light Beyond
Frank Gambale/Stuart Hamm/Steve Smith

Frank Gambale hooks up with Steve Smith on The Light Beyond (Tone Center TC 40102; 59:11), a trio date with bassist Stu Hamm. The fleet-fingered strings man adds a bit more edge to his approach here, scorching his way through the disc opening "Khatadin...


November 2000    Grooves

Vital Tech Tones

Vital Tech Tones' VTT2 (Tone Center TC40082; 56:33) is pure, shameless, high-volume fun. With Scott Henderson and Victor Wooten (Vital Information, Tribal Tech, the Flecktones-get it?) joining the trio party, it's like listening to your old college physics...


November 2000    Grooves

Chad Wackerman

Drummer Chad Wackerman's Scream (Favored Nations FN2020-2; 52:09), is cut in the mold of the late Tony Williams' later edition of Lifetime. Guitarist James Muller makes the connection explicit with his Allan Holdsworth-drenched lines ("Scream," "The Way...


September 2000    Features

The Genres: Tony Green on Grooves

In the ongoing music dialogue, the history of funk-jazz or groove music or dance-jazz—whatever—has generally turned out to be a series of open-ended questions like: What is it, really? Is it hard bop at its rootsiest? Or is it its more R&B-oriented offshoots...


July/August 1999    Grooves

Who Else
Jeff Beck

Hearing that Jeff Beck had incorporated techno music into his latest album was either exciting or ominous, depending on your perspective. Some have visions of another instrumental rock masterpiece like Blow By Blow and Wired. Others, however, remember Beck...


July/August 1999    Grooves

I Am a Man
Harriet Tubman

You'd think by now that black power trios would not automatically elicit comparisons to Hendrix. If Harriet Tubman-guitarist Brandon Ross, drummer J.T. Lewis, and bassist Melvin Gibbs-are like any one rocker, it's the aforementioned Beck, whose lyrical approach...


July/August 1999    Grooves

The Best of Shadow Trip Hop
Shadow Masters

It 1s too soon to call Shadow Masters: The Best of Shadow Trip Hop (Shadow, SDW 049-2 49:10) a collection of "classic" abstract hip-hop artists-we need to wait until we're out of the '90s, at least, before we start tossing adjectives like that around. But...


July/August 1999    Grooves

Indigenous People Captured Live in Brazil
Marc Cary

Fluent in everything from Hancockian fusion to hard bop, keyboardist Marc Cary is the embodiment of the "everything is everything" credo. His group's debut disc, Indigenous People Captured Live in Brazil (Jazzateria, JZZD 20301-2, 41:48) is a non-stop groove...


July/August 1999    Grooves

The Combustication Remix EP
Medeski Martin and Wood

Medeski Martin and Wood's material would seem to be perfect for the re-mix treatment. Their far-flung musical amalgam to is barely a stutter-step away from hip-hop anyway. But these guys are funky enough as it is, and any re-mix attempt would have some serious...


May 1999    Grooves

Live at the Fillmore East
Jimi Hendrix

Which phase of Jimi Hendrix career was the most important? Depends on whom you ask. Rockers, for example, are more likely to have dug his Are You Experienced/Axis: Bold as Love/Electric Ladyland work. But in the worlds of jazz, soul and funk, Hendrix short...


May 1999    Grooves

Forever Sharp and Vivid
David Torn

Music, according to some, is in its impressionistic phase. Sounds, textures and motifs--in everything from electronica to hip hop--have taken the place of words as the preferred mode of communication. Guitarist David Torn is among this new language's most...


May 1999    Grooves

In the Buzz Bag
The Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Brooklyn Funk Essentials remembers the days when you could say "acid jazz" without snickering. The dozen-member collective's 1995 RCA release, "Cool Steady and Easy", placed them in the thick of the jazz-funk big band race.Their follow up, In the Buzzbag...


May 1999    Grooves

Brand New Second Hand
Roots Manuva & Rodney Smith

Confidence is essential to any verbalist's career. UK rapper Rodney Smith. the story goes, strode boldly into a recording studio in Brixton records and declared himself "the greatest rapper in the world". Smith, aka Roots Manuva, may not be the second coming...

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