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About Winfield Davis


When he was ten years old, Winfield wanted so badly to make music that he built his own guitar. That determination and creativity drove the Bermuda born musician (who lived alternately in Ohio) to become a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, later performing with top acts in Bermuda’s thriving hotel nightclub culture. After moving to Florida fifteen years ago, Davis whose main instrument is bass actively partook of the Suncoast music scene, including performing with the popular dance band Ozone. After a brief break, Davis amazingly released two original smooth “Nu” Jazz albums in one year. The First album “Midnight Player” released in August 2007 and the second “C Street” in February 2008. Most Impressive is Davis composing all the music, playing all the Instruments, recording and mastering both albums with in one year, truly amazing. The future looks very bright for this gifted, and worldly artist.
This artist has done it again. It’s seems each step he takes is a step in the right direction. From his debut album in June 2007 “ Midnight Player” then followed up eight months later with “C Street” and the hit song “Laylah’s Theme” that made it to the number one spot on the MTB music charts.
In September “2009” he was off to a great start with the release of two singles, Fusion Seeker and Sunset Samba. I must say Winfield has taken a giant step toward becoming a premier force in the music of Smooth Jazz and Nu Jazz. .

As a Composer his music is deep, but reachable not only to the sophisticated ear of the Smooth Jazz enthusiast but to the common person that just wants to hear great music or to simply “Chill”.

His innovative compositions have been compared to the likes of Miles, Herbie , Hiroshima , Weather Report and others.

As a musician all I can say is “wow” Winfield not only composes and arranges all of his music, he also plays all the instruments, yes, all of them, then in the studio he is the master of all he surveys.
He says “a true artist sculpts his work from beginning to the end”. “As an Independent artist I do what I must do to achieve my goals”.

Fusion Seeker premiered over the Internet to a worldwide audience on August 14th and Sunset Samba followed two weeks Later with raved reviews. Today his latest single “Let’s Chill” has hit the “airways” Here are a few of the Internet radio station that will showcase the new single.

WDGP Radio at , City Sounds Radio at , Music Tampa Bay at, Jango Radio at , Rhythm& Jazz Radio and Jazz Radio at , AvenueHifi at, Kjazz 98.1, Slamin Fatbeatz Radio at .

To buy the music of Winfield Davis please visit these sites., , E Music, Napster and other music sites.
B.J Cook
PR, Director ,

Winfield Davis joined the JazzTimes community on Mar 27, 2009