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02/14/15    Community Articles

Tony Adamo & Drummer Mike Clark

Today at 12:58 PM YO PEOPLE CAN YA DIG? Pitts Gambino PR Tony Adamo and his music producer drummer Mike Clark are working' on Adamo's nu Cd for 2016. Clark brings in Mike LeDonne organ and Jack Wilkins guitar to Trading Eights Recording Studio,NJ on 2/18...

08/10/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Mike Clark Lenny White

The groove vocabulary has changed. What was Tony Adamo with the Headhunters is now Tony Adamo and the New York Crew. The new hip groove vocabulary is Mike Clark, drumming & producing; Lenny White drumming & mixing,Tim Ouimette, trumpet &...

04/23/14    Community Articles

The Lost Tapes/ Tony Adamo & Mark Murphy

The Lost Tapes/ Tony Adamo and Mark Murphy In the late eighty's Tony Adamo was by day working with explosive at Concord Navel Weapons Station Concord, Ca. By Night he was a up and coming nu-jazz Singer-songwriter in the San Francisco bay area.As luck would...

01/16/14    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Rough Reality in Radio Spins

Rough Reality in Radio Spins Tony Adamo's MILES OF BLU (MOB) CD hit the Jazz Week reporting charts June 10th 2013 @# 447 with one station adding MOB with 4 spins. July 1st eight radio stations added MILES OF BLU with 23 spins for the week. MOB was @# 245...

11/01/12    Community Articles

Tony Adamo has signed with Scott Elias's Random Act Records

Tony Adamo has signed with Scott Elias's Random Act Records Random Act Records was founded in 2009 byScott Elias and his wife and partner, Anna. Scott is a lifelong musician who started playing professionally at the age of 14 i n Pittsburgh, and went on...

04/07/12    Community Articles

Tony Adamo's Home Cookin' Home Funkin' Jazz

A Doubleleft Hook Production Frank Black NY NY Tony Adamo's song 9 Miles of Blu has been at: #1 Top Downloads last 10 days #2 Top Downloads last 30 days #15 Top Download last 60 days Dig the jazz charts at Tony Adamo thanks the downloading...

04/04/12    Community Articles

Tony Adamo Show & Prove with 9 Miles of Blu

Tony Adamo Show & Prove with 9 Miles of Blu Dave Sumner download of the day editor. Comments on Tony Adamo’s MP3 9 MILES OF BLU, featuring legendary drummer Mike Clark. Dave Sumner wrote on April 3, 2012 Hey, Tony. I was glad to give...

04/03/12    Community Articles

Tony Adamo's 9 MILES OF BLU #@4 on 30 day jazz chart

A Doubleleft Hook Production Frank Black NY NY Singer/hipspokenword artist Tony Adamo's song 9 MILES of BLU moves to the Top MP3 Downloads in the Last 30 Days on jazz charts. 9 MILES OF BLU hit @#4. Adamo held the #1 spot on the Top MP3...

04/02/12    Community Articles

Tony Adamo is reviewed by Scott Yanow

Review of 9 MILES OF BLU

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About Tony Adamo


Tony Adamo & Mike Clark Groovin’ High Z. Sidari/ Yo Productions New York City, NY

Legendary drummer, Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) and the highly respected musician, trumpet player, big band leader and music arranger, Tim Ouimette recently completed the mix for vocal/hip- spokenword artist, Tony Adamo’s new CD at Ouimette’s recording studio in upstate New York. Adamo and Clark started this music project in the summer of 2011 after Clark recorded with Adamo on a new cover for Tower of Power’s “Soul Vaccination.” It was at that point a music alliance was formed between the two, and Clark became the music producer for Adamo’s new CD. Music industry insiders who have listened to some of the new cuts off this CD have commented that Adamo and Clark have come up with a fresh new sound in vocal/hip-spokenword laced with a funk musical attitude. Tim Ouimette said “This project is so original and bluesy groovin’ and is sending all the right messages. I am just really happy to be involved.” Tony Adamo is a Strokeland Record artist. Strokeland is owned by funk icon, Stephen “Doc” Kupka of Tower of Power. “Doc” Plays on Adamo’s new CD.

Tony Adamo joined the JazzTimes community on Mar 22, 2009