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About Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson got hooked on jazz when his older brother played Coltrane's Quartet playing "My Favorite Thing" live at Newport in ’63. His jazz exploration has been an effort to recreate that original mind-expanding thrill, and to understand it. Working for small-town weekly papers for most of his professional career, he has always sought to bring jazz education and appreciation to every paper for which he has worked. These days he contributes reviews to Planet Jackson Hole in hometown for the past 17 years, Jackson, Wyo. His interest in music is wide-ranging; he's particularly fascinated by bop, post-bop, free, contemporary and what he refers to as "para-jazz." His current effort involves teaching his 3 1/2-year-old son to love jazz in such a way that he won't rebel by blaring George Winston from his room in 10 years.

Richard Anderson joined the JazzTimes community on Mar 20, 2009