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11/12/09    Community Articles

Louis Prima: Life After Keely Smith

Gia Maione, entertainer Louis Prima's fifth and final wife, is keeping her husband's music, legend and legacy going, while fighting for truth and accuracy.

10/28/09    Community Articles

The Lost Drum Battles

Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich performed their famed, "drum battle" dozens of times" in person, but only two films and three recordings of their legendary duel survive. Drummers of a certain age continue to ask the question: "Is there more stuff out there?"

09/29/09    Community Articles

Mitch Miller: The Kitsch of Mitch

The legendary oboist, conductor, record producer and television star is now 98 years old and still following the elusive, bouncing ball.

09/21/09    Community Articles

The Missing Artie Shaw: Retraction and Clarification

The Academy Award-winning documentary on enigmatic jazz genius Artie Shaw, is protected under copyright and will not be made available via as essayed in a previous posting.

09/18/09    Community Articles

The Missing Artie Shaw

"Time is All You've Got" was an Academy Award-winning documentary film on the life and music of the late, legendary, clarinetist/bandleader Artie Shaw. It was mysteriously pulled from distribution shortly after its 1987 release. What happened?

09/11/09    Community Articles

Louis Prima and 9/11

The plan to fly to Las Vegas to interview famed, Louis Prima drummer Jimmy Vincent, for a documentary about early rock drummers, never happened. We were ready to leave for the airport on the morning of 9/11,when the World Trade Center disaster happend...

09/06/09    Community Articles

This is Chris

Obiturary/tribute of Chris Connor, the epitome of "cool" jazz singers, who passed away at the age of 81.

09/01/09    Community Articles

Where's Benny?

The planned Benny Goodman/Louis Armstrong tour of 1953 should have been one of the highlights in jazz history. It wasn't, as Goodman left the tour for unknown reasons. One recording, however, does survive and it's well worth having.

08/27/09    Community Articles

Where's Benny 1953?

In 1953, Benny Goodman teamed up with Louis Armstrong for a tour that never materialized. Though Goodman recruited many of his star sidemen from 1937-1938, he couldn't or wouldn't compete with Armstrong, became ill and left the tour. Here's the story...

07/24/09    Community Articles

Anita...Oh Anita!

A review of the superb documentary about the legendary jazz singer.

07/22/09    Community Articles

Vic Damone: What Makes Vic Tick

The famed singer's history, music, influences, famed associates and assorted wives as told by Vic Damone himself.

07/02/09    Community Articles

Slingerland Drum Company Dead. Again.

For the past several years, the Gibson guitar company, owner of the Slingerland brand name since 1994, has done absolutely nothing with what was once among the most famous name on drums. And no one seems to know why.

06/11/09    Community Articles

The Last Time I Saw Paris

What passes for entertainment in the casino lounges of Atlantic City

06/05/09    Community Articles

What Made Sammy Run

Sam Butera, architect of the sound of the famed singer and trumpeter, Louis Prima, died on June 3rd at the age of 81.

06/04/09    Community Articles

Bruce Kaminsky: Playing for a Higher Authority

A review of an extraordinary musical event at Philadelphia's Drexel University

06/01/09    Community Articles

Benny Goodman's 100th: Long Live the King

There are dozens of Benny Goodman "stories" out there. As we celebrate what would have been the 100th birthday of "The King of Swing," here's my BG experience.

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Dr. Bruce H. Klauber is the biographer of Gene Krupa, producer/writer of the Warner Brothers and Hudson Music "Jazz Legends" DVD series, a working jazz drummer and recording artist since childhood, and head of, one of the most valuable domain names and destinations in the industry. Klauber has accompanied Charlie Ventura, Milt Buckner, Jimmy Bruno, Pepper Adams, Bernard Peiffer and dozens of others. His 1998 recording, "Bruce Klauber Salutes the Legends of Jazz Drumming," charted in the Gavin Report Top Ten that year and reached the final stages of Grammy nominee consideration. Klauber is currently a jazz columnist for The Naples Daily News and several other Scripps-Howard publications in southwest Florida, and is regularly performing with noted trumpeter Bob Zottola and jazz vocalist Joy Adams.

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