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05/13/12    Community Articles

Julie Charnet: A Pure Swinger

Jule Charnet is a blues shouter and straight-ahead swinger whose sense of swing and purity of tone make her a joy to listen to.

01/30/12    Community Articles

JAZZLEGENDS.COM BACK ONLINE, devoted to providing students, fans and musicians with the rarest video and audio in the universe, is back online after technical difficulties shut it down for a month

08/30/11    Community Articles

A Winning Bet: Andy Kahn Wows 'Em at Atlantic City's Resorts Hotel/Casino

Pianist/singer Andy Kahn's "Music by Intention" program features the words and music of America's greatest composers. Was his show a hit in an Atlantic City casino? You bet!

04/08/11    Community Articles

"Frank: The Voice," an Extraordinary Book about Old Blue Eyes

Exhaustive research and compelling insights help make "Frank: The Voice" one of the most objective and fascinating books on The Chairman ever written.

03/25/11    Community Articles

Ella on Broadway

Singer/actress Tina Fabrique pays tribute to the late and great First Lady of Song in "Ella."

02/26/11    Community Articles

Rockin' with Milt

For three years, off and on, I had the great honor of playing drums with one of the unsung heroes of jazz, Milt Buckner. Here's how it happened...and here's what happened.

02/17/11    Community Articles

Louis Prima: The Zooma-Zooma Legacy Continues

Louis Prima's legacy is preserved and perpetuated by these new discoveries, with the driving force behind them being Gia Maione Prima.

02/11/11    Community Articles

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jazz and Pop Singing

Will Friedwald's fabulous new book on the singers of jazz and pop is essential reading for those interested in music of any kind.

01/25/11    Community Articles

Lennie DiMuzio's "Tales From the Cymbal Bag": A One-of-a-Kind Book About a One-of-a-Kind Percussion Industry Legend

The long-awaited book by beloved percussion industry legend is funny, touching, educational, and like DiMuzio himself, is a masterpiece.

01/25/11    Community Articles

New Book on Louis Prima and Keely Smith: Too Much Jivin' and Not Enough Wailin'

Tom Clavin's new book on Louis Prima, Keely Smith and their heyday in Vegas consists mainly of recycled, previously-published material.

01/03/11    Community Articles

Friday Without Frank

After almost 55 years, Philadelphia radio host Sid Mark's "Friday with Frank" program leaves the air.

10/21/10    Community Articles

Andy Kahn: Songs of the Spirit

Andy Kahn, among the first artists to make the "Great American Songbook" the hallmark of his performances, has returned to performing after too long an absence.


07/12/10    Albums

Vibes, Straight Up
Steve Hobbs

Born and bred in Raleigh, N.C., vibraphonist Steve Hobbs endeavors here to pay tribute to his Southern roots, as each of these nine compositions has some kind of connection to the South, however distant that connection might be. It’s difficult for any vibraphonist—if...

05/19/10    Community Articles

John Bunch: 1921-2010

The remarkable pianist, John Bunch, dies on March 30 at the age of 88.

05/12/10    Community Articles

Buddy Bregman's Swingin' Standards: An Overlooked Gem

A great jazz project that fell through the cracks.

05/07/10    Community Articles

Patricia Dean: Taste Personified

Drummer and singer Patricia Dean, who recalls the drumming of Ed Thigpen and the singing of Nancy Wilson, has just released a fabulous new project entitled "You Go to My Head"

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