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11/13/11    Community Articles

Meeting the Other Richard Williams, Dr. Richard Allen Williams

Back on a September night in Boston at Wally’s Café, I was playing with the band and in walks in a familiar-looking older gentleman wearing some dark shades and a Miles Davis tee shirt. He also had what looked like a trumpet case in his hand, ready to play...

11/13/11    Community Articles

Here's a Funny Miles Story

Here's a story told to me by one of my professors in college about him meeting Miles on several occasions!

02/12/11    Community Articles

100 Songs

Here’s a compilation of 100 great songs that I compiled after reading the NPR list, which can be found here. These are songs that were excluded from the NPR list. I put this list together in a little more than an hour, just thinking off the top of my...

06/02/10    Community Articles

Re-implementation of the cabaret card-with a whole new twist!!

As an aspiring jazz musician in the 21st century, I have come to realize that there’s a huge gap in the field live performance. When I started college back in 1997, I would attend concerts that charged a cover regularly and many of my peers would go as well...

06/02/10    Community Articles

How Some Things Have Happened for/to Me

I field a lot of interesting questions from young musicians, but one of the questions that I get the most is, “How did you get the gig with_______________”. I’d like to talk about the process that helped me get to where I am right now.

06/02/10    Community Articles

Voicing a Question of Voices

Today I spent time thinking about the idea of having your own “voice”. There’s scores of players that I can “identify from a few notes or one musical idea”, but there’s something that goes beyond this notion of readily identification. It has to be developed...

06/02/10    Community Articles

A New Standard?

I implore you all to come up with a list of compositions by musicians that are under the age of 40 that you could see/hear as a future “standard” or “jazz classic” in the jazz canon. Here’s my list of tunes. I am basing this on these criteria: 1. Song has...

06/02/10    Community Articles


This blog is in response to the questions I have received in the past about learning tunes.

11/09/09    Community Articles

Lenny "The 25th" Nelson

I’d like to introduce you to a very good friend and mentor of mine. I consider him to be one of the last living masters of this music that we call jazz. He plays drums and I place him in the same category of a Tony Williams or Roy Haynes (he actually knows...


03/12/09    Community Articles

Why Do We Play?

Here's a short story of a surreal event that took place a few weeks ago. Surreal and inspirational at the same time.

03/12/09    Community Articles

Sudoku breakdown...

Here's a brief essay about how I went about composing my sudoku suite. I've gotten a lot of questions about the method, so I decided to let it all out. I hope it inspires more well-thought-out works in the future.

03/12/09    Community Articles

I Invite you to the World Premier of a Movie I Starred in at the Tribeca Film Festival

Two years ago I participated in a film project entitled Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench by Damien Chazelle, a Harvard University film student. It was my first time acting without a horn in my hand for the majority of the time and I had tons of fun shooting...

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