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{We all have memory lapses from time to time. You may be doing your grocery shopping and can't remember the things you need to buy. You don't know why you're in kitchen when moments ago, you had a plan. Your mind draws a blank on a co-worker's name even though the two of you have worked together for almost a decade. You have a hard time remembering where you parked your car. Worried? Here's the good news: memory lapses like these are normal. You don't have anything to feel panicked about. Your memory simply needs a little help. One of the things you can do is incorporate the following super foods into your diet.|Want to improve your memory? You can do many things to accomplish this. For instance, did you know that if you solve crossword puzzles regularly, you lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's? Crossword puzzles aren't the only puzzles you can do, though. There are many other puzzles out there. Love to read? It's a great way to exercise your memory. Try to recall as many details as you possibly can about what you've just read. Love trivia? Quiz yourself. There are also certain foods you can eat. Lab Active

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