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You sometimes find yourself forgetting the name of someone you've known for many years. Although many people experience the same things, it's still scary. You may have thought that you're showing signs of Alzheimer's. Most of the time this is not the case. Did you know that you can improve your memory by doing something as simple as eating more superfoods?|Memory loss is not something that people want to experience. Nobody wants to develop diseases like Alzheimer's. This is one reason a lot of us get that panicky feeling when we forget where we'd left our keys or don't know why we're standing in the doorway. And when you can't remember someone's name -- someone you've known for a long time -- isn't that something to be stressed about? But chin up; the good news is that these memory lapses aren't serious enough for you to worry about. Also, your memory can be improved in a number of ways.
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Rowena Garrick joined the JazzTimes community on Mar 16, 2013