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04/20/16    Albums

Secret reconciliations

Listen again and again intensifies the argument of any free music: dispossession technical, outright imaginary of its musicians, that as real magicians of our internal hallucination, allows us the more crude and fantastic sound calamities


04/06/16    Albums

The Force of the Calmness

The Necks is the force of the calmness guided by explosions., diamonds of sound that burst from its interior, generating small and healthy 'isms' sound, because what there is of the same nature without their landslides, without its cataclysms?


03/09/16    Albums

The Body of the Sound

Ada Rave makes his saxophone a way of believing in the explosion of the volcano, both in eruption as in a state of apparent tranquility. With this I would like to say that his phrasing suffers from corrugated alterations, relaxing vibrations, in a tone that...


03/07/16    Albums

Transgressive Meditation

On the pilgrimage of its history, art is due to the era in which arises. Renoir painted bucolic naked without eroticism; Pollock lives in the vertigo of the natural drip; Ellington sickened the sound jungle with your swing accomodating…..and this trio, commanded...


02/24/16    Albums

The lineage of the Huge

The compositions of the guitarist Jon Lundbom trace, from the conceptual formalism until the most desorbitantes antics instrumental, a sense of jazz which is not in conformity with repeat structures...

02/24/16    Albums

The lineage of the Huge

The compositions of the guitarist Jon Lundbom trace, from the conceptual formalism until the most desorbitantes antics instrumental, a sense of jazz which is not in conformity with repeat structures,


02/10/16    Albums

The Poetics of Sound

Monkey Plot is a Norwegian band formed Jan Martin Gismervik, in the battery, Magnus Skavhaug Nergaad in low and Christian Skar Winther, on guitar. They nnos help visitors to understand the infinite dynamics of free, beyond the typical cries or its high...


02/04/16    Albums

Sound Scenography

ViaLucisTrío is a improvised training with members related to the collective Rare Musics (, agency dedicated to promote primarily the free improvisation in Madrid (Spain). The four members of ViaLucisTrío they met in the...


01/30/16    Albums

The witches' coven of free

The rough and saxophone sparkling of Chefa Alonso; the undulating 'percutividad' of the piano by Ana Ruiz and Ana Camacho with the double bass of dialogical solipsism, woo the listener avid and insatiable in the production of the label Jazzorca, "Free Jazz...


01/14/16    Albums

Ritual Rumori

In this musical "Desalambrado", we are witnessing to instances of silence marked by a calm as tumultuous piano so, to a meditative instrumentation as a strike of the battery that expands, with strength, their dynamics polyrhythmic


11/30/15    Albums

jazz definition

jazz up, Informal. to add liveliness, vigor, or excitement to. to add ornamentation

11/30/15    Albums

All music in its gestation, due to a closeness, to the proximity of the community. This years light of a solipsism sterile. Freedom assumed by these three troubadours of the free, with the airtight that can sometimes seem to sound extends its coordinates...


11/30/15    Albums

Strings of Coleman

In this cool set of cords i warn a clear musical secrecy: the manipulation of the instrumental and the feedback from the listener between both requires a camaraderie existential to unveil the hermetic and do so 'genuine experience of listening'.


11/30/15    Albums

Avant New Orleans

The exasperation of the rings, the dynamics of their sound games, the noises and undergone cone forms of sound art, the countless effects, everything is gathered in a context of traditional music , as the jazz neorlandes, conjunction that goes beyond the...


10/21/15    Albums

Sound Adventurous

Curt Sydnor, constructs, spreads out in his painting jazz under 'other' compositional canvases, strengthening, in each of their subjects, the ongoing transformation that requires sound matter. "The habit of energy and the lack of fear", as i said Marinetti...


10/06/15    Albums

The Material Free

In this publication were mixed different forms of art with an open mind and vital. The action of the sound in a frame that you are not interested in uniformity. I repeat: it is the thickness of the earth that despite its rubbing hard drives a 'tight' movement...

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