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10/22/14    Albums

Wind Musical

Anna Webber has a musical concept in line with these findings, to these changes


09/16/14    Albums

The unbending Privacy

Here we are faced with a high lineage compositional part of drummer who knows the psychic states of this format with a clear tilt to its version gringa. In general lines, highlights the subtlely cozy, discretion, both in the rhythm section as in the phrasing...


08/12/14    Albums


This work "Muku" is full of fluency and inventiveness that is brimming with Tamura and Fujii,


07/24/14    Albums

The Silence of the Free Jazz

Empty Sound i immersed in its rich and colorful musical meditation.


07/23/14    Albums

The naturalness of the Jazz

Has the smile of the calmness inside, calm, love a fruitful and accomplice. Far from the musical perfection, the songwriter the grasping. Without a doubt.


06/26/14    Albums

Piano Insurgency

In Kaja Draksler musical affections charge a immense sense, knowing that their music there an insurrection to the laws that dictate the stillness and repetition.


06/19/14    Albums

Scenography Orchestral

This is the jewel of the luminous work of Satoko: a rhythmic orchestral that looking for overflow its thematic dictation.


06/18/14    Albums

Free Territory

This special quartet "Gato Libre", thanks to the use of their structural sounds, offers a proposal so rich in its contrasts that makes us feel, at times, which we have a great training of members.


01/23/14    Albums


MOPtK, for its part, has a détente, a sarcasm of prodigious mockery so strong, that praised its quality becomes a musical irony


01/21/14    Albums


"Subliminal Leaps", the topic more extensive, is the essence of a leafy catastrophe. It is the breakup of the shape within another form. A halo of mystery becomes the protagonist of his argument. The soprano takes possession of her acute record exquisitely...


01/20/14    Albums


Dionisyos textures; vigorous and strong melodies; an appreciation for the music as a form of architecture Sonora; a spirituality of tearing and a delicate sweetness that comes from their cherished melancholia.


01/17/14    Albums


Crackles and harmonics of amazing subtlety, that carries the listener to a innovative dream sound. She upsets, intelligently, the typical uses of the guitar, giving it a language entirely away from rigid structural diagrams. Its peculiarity instrumental...


01/10/14    Albums

The Baudelaire of Jazz ( II )

Those who know the secret of musical improvisation are vacuuming, perhaps without knowing it, to be authentic human beings, not mediated by religions that increasingly delve into his own emptiness.


01/10/14    Albums

The Baudelaire of Jazz ( I )

The personality of the musician texan is perfectly portrayed in which made the essayist Andres Holguin of Parisian writer: "Is the lucidity in the middle of the delirium of their senses, it is a intelligence amazingly clear that looks serenely crazed dance...


12/29/13    Albums

The Loudness of the Pictorial Jazz

"The 3Dom Factor" is the strong edge of three musicians who suggest and invite you to enjoy their 'torrid sensuality', his admirable task of facing and position to the jazz music to the libertarian spirit.


12/18/13    Albums

Astro sidereal

Carla Mariano has the gift of the compulsion viva, the meaning of the sound as the personification of a religious ecstasy. The production "Trane's Groove" intervenes to the silence with a jazzy devastating presence. Can we name her to her without remitting...

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About Gustavo Bustamante


For me, music is a sacred thing. My name is Gustavo Adolfo Bustamante. I am promoter of jazz and contemporary music in Medellín, Colombia. I have a two programs dedicated of Contemporary Music and improvise music: "Rizoma" and "Jazz Session". Also other program dedicated of Jazz and Eroticism, called "Jazzeros " in radio station in Medellín, Colombia
U.N. Radio 100.4 F.M ( )

In these writings do not intend to make a music critics. I am interested in the fact that the readers will be encouraged to enjoy each record production through the "value of the phonic word, its beauty plastica" *

* terms used by the Peruvian poet Eduardo Chirinos

My hobbies are painture, photography and lecture of philosophy hedonistic.

Gustavo Bustamante joined the JazzTimes community on Mar 13, 2013