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11/24/14    Albums

The Ritual of the Cry

revitalizes the approach that we have forgotten with the silent and sound


11/19/14    Albums

Anarchic Meditation

is a meditation explicit full of dazzling new archetypes sound.


11/19/14    Albums

The Mystery of the Privacy

this production is the expectant fragility of the painter Amy Wheeler in his popular painture "Harmony in My Head"


11/12/14    Albums

Freshness of Fire

In the double cd " Fast Food", meet three anarchists of the jazz with its best weapon to attack: the improvisation.


10/28/14    Albums


This cd "Why Do You ride?" grows to establish a footprint of perfect orchestral collective invoice, both by its color and the texture jazz that generates.


10/22/14    Albums

Wind Musical

Anna Webber has a musical concept in line with these findings, to these changes


09/16/14    Albums

The unbending Privacy

Here we are faced with a high lineage compositional part of drummer who knows the psychic states of this format with a clear tilt to its version gringa. In general lines, highlights the subtlely cozy, discretion, both in the rhythm section as in the phrasing...


08/12/14    Albums


This work "Muku" is full of fluency and inventiveness that is brimming with Tamura and Fujii,


07/24/14    Albums

The Silence of the Free Jazz

Empty Sound i immersed in its rich and colorful musical meditation.


07/23/14    Albums

The naturalness of the Jazz

Has the smile of the calmness inside, calm, love a fruitful and accomplice. Far from the musical perfection, the songwriter the grasping. Without a doubt.


06/26/14    Albums

Piano Insurgency

In Kaja Draksler musical affections charge a immense sense, knowing that their music there an insurrection to the laws that dictate the stillness and repetition.


06/19/14    Albums

Scenography Orchestral

This is the jewel of the luminous work of Satoko: a rhythmic orchestral that looking for overflow its thematic dictation.


06/18/14    Albums

Free Territory

This special quartet "Gato Libre", thanks to the use of their structural sounds, offers a proposal so rich in its contrasts that makes us feel, at times, which we have a great training of members.


01/23/14    Albums


MOPtK, for its part, has a détente, a sarcasm of prodigious mockery so strong, that praised its quality becomes a musical irony


01/21/14    Albums


"Subliminal Leaps", the topic more extensive, is the essence of a leafy catastrophe. It is the breakup of the shape within another form. A halo of mystery becomes the protagonist of his argument. The soprano takes possession of her acute record exquisitely...


01/20/14    Albums


Dionisyos textures; vigorous and strong melodies; an appreciation for the music as a form of architecture Sonora; a spirituality of tearing and a delicate sweetness that comes from their cherished melancholia.

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About Gustavo Bustamante


For me, music is a sacred thing. My name is Gustavo Adolfo Bustamante. I am promoter of jazz and contemporary music in Medellín, Colombia. I have a two programs dedicated of Contemporary Music and improvise music: "Rizoma" and "Jazz Session". Also other program dedicated of Jazz and Eroticism, called "Jazzeros " in radio station in Medellín, Colombia
U.N. Radio 100.4 F.M ( )

In these writings do not intend to make a music critics. I am interested in the fact that the readers will be encouraged to enjoy each record production through the "value of the phonic word, its beauty plastica" *

* terms used by the Peruvian poet Eduardo Chirinos

My hobbies are painture, photography and lecture of philosophy hedonistic.

Gustavo Bustamante joined the JazzTimes community on Mar 13, 2013