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01/29/10    Albums

The Morning World
Chris Morrissey Quartet

The shape of things to come. For twenty-eight year old Minnesota born and Brooklyn-raised bassist and bandleader Chris Morrissey, has released an excellent debut album titled The Morning World . Morrissey has composed nine well thought out and perfectly...

01/08/10    Community Articles

Take Fifty

In 1960, the jazz world was one year removed from Kind of Blue, Time Out, Giant Steps and the jazz world was one year better because of them. In 1960, Miles Davis released Sketches of Spain, Dave Brubeck released two albums; Southern Scene and Brubeck and...

10/08/09    Community Articles

The Cosby Sweater Effect

This way of reviewing albums has been going on for years. People outside of the jazz journalism idiom agree with the statement above and if asked, people inside the jazz journalism idiom would agree as well. Jazz journalists like to take something as simple...

10/07/09    Community Articles

Would The Martini Be Too Dry?

From the man who was content on trading all his rights to Take Five for a used Bronson electric razor and live the life of Dewar’s Scotch and writing his memoir, Desmond would come back again sporadically and tour with Dave Brubeck, Gerry Mulligan and play...


04/27/09    Albums

Multitude, Solitude

In his own words trombonist Brett Sroka surrounded himself with synthesizers “to reconcile the six hundred years of technology between the trombone and the computer” and for the most part, this album connects, on a broadband scale. Along with Sroka, the...

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