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10/24/14    Audio Files

How to Choose a Phono Cartridge

Brent Butterworth's guide for vinylphiles


09/06/14    Audio Files

Are Celebrity-Endorsed Headphones the Best Option for Jazz Fans?

What's in a name?


06/19/14    Audio Files

Audio Files: Hi-Fi, Meet Wi-Fi

Why music lovers are embracing wireless multiroom sound


05/20/14    Audio Files

Audio Files: Field of Streams

How good is the sound of streaming audio?


04/23/14    Audio Files

Audio: The High-Resolution Revolution

Do you need it and how do you get it?

April 2011    Audio/Video Files

See Jam Blues: Video, Sound & the Home Theater Experience

How smart TVs, projectors and other video gear can expand the jazz experience


March 2011    Audio/Video Files

Audio Arisen: Latest Products from CES

Hot new sound gear steals the Consumer Electronics Show

January/February 2011    Audio/Video Files

10 of ’10: Ten Stellar Audio Products That Defined 2010

JT's sound guru recommends the year's best products


December 2010    Audio/Video Files

The Nice Price: Audio & Video Gift Ideas

Brent Butterworth on great gifts for any jazz lover on any budget


November 2010    Audio/Video Files

Vinyl in the Present: Groove Jazz

The vinyl record is on the scene again in a big way and Brent Butterworth explains how to get in the groove


October 2010    Audio/Video Files

Bob Belden: A Second Chance for Surround?

Producer/arranger/saxophonist Bob Belden argues that surround sound is ready for another opportunity

June 2010    Audio/Video Files

Out of This World

Brent Butterworth's roundup of the industry’s best boutique audio gear

May 2010    Audio/Video Files

Behold the ’Phones

Thanks to the iPod, headphones have undergone an explosion of innovation. Here’s our guide to new models worth wrapping around your head

March 2010    Audio/Video Files

CES: America’s Audio Playground

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas isn’t just about hot new TVs and cell phones—it’s packed with great new audio gear, too


January/February 2010    Audio Files

The Ear's Best

Brent Butterworth culls the most outstanding audio gear of 2009

December 2009    Audio/Video Files

’Tis the Season for Sound (and Sensibility)

Some fear that today’s weak economy will be the Grinch that steals the 2009 holiday season. Audiophiles, though, can rest assured of a happy December. While you might not emerge from your front door on Christmas day to discover a Maserati wrapped in a big...

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