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08/09/11    Albums

The New York Sessions
Bill Allred

A sunny and swinging mood elevates The New York Sessions , which teams Bill Allred with his son and fellow trombonist John. Of course, you might surmise that joyful feel by glancing at the list of tunes performed by the Allreds and a cozy circle of friends...


07/24/11    Albums

Running Man
Avery Sharpe

Anyone who had the pleasure of hearing Avery Sharpe collaborate with McCoy Tyner in concert during their long association is aware of the bassist’s ability to move from the role of light-fingered accompanist to commanding soloist with great charm and deceptive...


07/15/11    Albums

No Need for Words
Sean Jones

Love is a dynamic and multifaceted force, as trumpeter Sean Jones sees it, so this concept album isn’t exactly one big bouquet of rosy ballads. Near the end of the disc, for example, you’ll encounter “Love’s Fury,” a performance that Jones intended to make...


07/03/11    Overdue Ovation

Gene Bertoncini: The Jazz-Bossa-Classical Connection

Profile of veteran jazz guitarist


06/11/11    Albums

Midnight at Nola’s Penthouse
Scott Hamilton & Rossano Sportiello

Given the extraordinary array of musicians he’s collaborated with over the years, it’s easy to endorse saxophonist Scott Hamilton’s choices when it comes to selecting session mates. This collaboration with pianist Rossano Sportiello represents one more savvy...


05/25/11    Albums

Sign of Life
Bill Frisell

Will Sign of Life generate nearly as much media coverage as guitarist Bill Frisell’s upcoming John Lennon tribute, due out in the fall? Fat chance. Still, Frisell’s second recording with his 858 Quartet deserves surplus recognition and exposure. Like its...


05/21/11    Albums

Lisa Hilton

There’s a quote in the press materials touting pianist Lisa Hilton’s Underground that’s borne out by the nine performances on the recording. “I don’t aspire to be Miles, Muddy or Monk,” says Hilton, “but I do reference these beloved composers.” And significant...


May 2011    Albums

I Remember Django
Howard Alden

I Remember Django scarcely qualifies as a hard sell. Guitarist Django Reinhardt’s legacy, after all, has long been a sweet spot for Howard Alden, the renowned seven-string disciple with a track record that speaks eloquently for itself. If Woody Allen hadn’t...


May 2011    Albums

Live From New York
Andy LaVerne & John Abercrombie

Just piano and guitar: Can Andy LaVerne and John Abercrombie go on meeting this way? If we’re lucky, they will. Their occasional alliances, in both duo and quartet settings, go back 20 years now and continue to produce quietly compelling programs blending...

May 2011    Albums

A Time for Love
Marcus Printup

On the cover of A Time for Love , Marcus Printup is pictured holding his trumpet in one hand while resting the other on the neck of a harp. Wondering what sets this collection of pop standards apart from innumerable other collections? Look no further. Nothing...


March 2011    Albums

George Colligan

If the word “isolation” strikes you as a less than enticing title for a CD devoted to solo piano performances, some of the original pieces George Colligan has chosen for this collection—“Dead of Winter,” “Lonely Wind,” “Regret,” for starters—don’t exactly...


March 2011    Albums

A Beautiful Thing!
Pete Malinverni Trio

It’s hard to imagine someone not being moved in one way or another by the performances captured on A Beautiful Thing! If the rhythmically buoyant arrangements don’t do the trick on a purely physical level, then certainly pianist Pete Malinverni’s spiritual...


October 2010    Albums

El Encuentro
Dino Saluzzi

It’s no surprise that bandoneonist-composer Dino Saluzzi’s latest CD invites and rewards repeat spins. Devoted followers have come to expect nothing less. But the Argentine’s first live recording, El Encuentro (“The Encounter”), is particularly compelling...


July/August 2010    Before & After

Frank Vignola: Guitar Music From the Heart

Mike Joyce plays a variety of string things for guitarist Frank Vignola


July/August 2010    Features

Martin Taylor: Band-width

Martin Taylor launches a state-of-the-art online guitar school and releases a new album with his Spirit of Django ensemble—the influential group’s first in almost 15 years


03/13/10    Features

Mose Allison: Cover to Cover

Mose Allison talks with JT's MIke Joyce about covers of his songs over the years

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