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About Wendy Franks


Wendy and her fascination with body wraps contouring lead her to her current work. She likes being pretty, not to please other, but to please herself. Despite the common conception that beauty is skin deep, that she believes as well, it still very nice to feel pretty. When she's stressed out from an especially hard day at work, she changes her clothes in to something really pretty, puts on some lovely make up and calls up her friends to have a fun night.


Working for Body Wraps Results is not really as time-consuming as it is. However, with kids around the house, Wendy finds it hard to concentrate. Balancing her responsibilities as a mother and the demands of her career is not that easy, since being a mother to her children is not something that can be scheduled. With a little adjustment, a helping hand from her husband she came up with a convenient daily routine.
During her free time, gets to have some family bonding time through barbecues or movie time.

Wendy Franks joined the JazzTimes community on Feb 05, 2013