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01/01/15    Overdue Ovation

Dena DeRose: So Much Grace, So Much Love

"A special way of connecting"


12/14/14    Features

The Zen of Eric Harland

The master drummer relates his lifelong musical and spiritual journeys


11/21/14    Albums

The Art of Conversation
Kenny Barron/Dave Holland

There are conversations meant solely for the ears of those involved, full of jocular camaraderie and inside references. And then there are those designed to be overheard, where the dialogue is meant to engage and enlighten anyone who is listening in as well...


11/01/14    Features

Robin Eubanks' Rock of Ages

The trombonist returns to his rock and funk roots


10/05/14    Albums

Intergalactic Beings
Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble

Ambitious, dense and daunting, Chicago flutist-composer Nicole Mitchell’s Intergalactic Beings is a suite of darkly cinematic music inspired by the work of African-American science fiction writer Octavia Butler. The forbidding sounds conjured by Mitchell’s...


09/15/14    Albums

Caribbean TInge
Elio Villafranca and the Jass Syncopators

Born in Cuba and classically trained, pianist Elio Villafranca has long offered a unique take on Latin jazz, foregoing the reliance on percussion pyrotechnics for a more fully integrated blend of his varied interests. That’s not to say that he can’t bring...


09/13/14    Albums

The David Ullmann 8

Too often, when a jazz composer draws upon a specific conceptual inspiration, the link between that source and the music itself seems tenuous at best, impossible to determine without the aid of copious liner notes. But slipping David Ullmann’s Corduroy into...


09/13/14    Features

Don Cheadle Readies His Miles Davis Movie

The birth of the flick


09/04/14    Concerts

Review: The Detroit Jazz Festival 2014

Free music for the stubbornly resilient--even in the rain!


09/01/14    Albums

Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood

For more than 20 years, Medeski Martin and Wood have thrived on remaining indefinable. Are they a jam band with jazz chops? A jazz trio following a groove-rock muse? An avant-garde soul-jazz band? That very malleability has meant that their sound is compatible...


08/27/14    Features

Archie Shepp's Deep Blues

Catching up with an out-jazz veteran


08/05/14    Features

The Original Saxophone Colossus

A comprehensive new exhibition in Brussels goes inside the life and legacy of Adolphe Sax


07/07/14    Albums

Erik Friedlander

For all the devastation left in its wake, Hurricane Sandy fortunately didn’t leave New York City a total wasteland. But given the metropolis’ usual vibrant bustle, it certainly must have felt that way as residents abandoned their homes and power outages...


06/25/14    Albums

Mukashi (Once Upon a Time)
Abdullah Ibrahim

On the eve of his 80th birthday and less than a year after the death of his wife, singer Sathima Bea Benjamin, South African piano great Abdullah Ibrahim has released his starkest, most reflective collection to date. Mukashi is a Japanese word that translates...


06/06/14    Features

High Notes: Jazz and Drugs in the 21st Century

Separating the reality from the tired stereotypes


02/17/14    Before & After

Before & After Listening Session with Orrin Evans

Reharms before hip-hop

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