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September 2008    Albums

The Latin Side of Wayne Shorter
Conrad Herwig

If you don’t recognize Conrad Herwig’s name, it may be because of where he’s from and what he does. But the Oklahoma native’s occupation—professor of jazz trombone, improvisation, and composition/arrangement at Rutgers University in New Jersey—gives a clue...


September 2008    Albums

Jazz in Bel-Air
Alphonse Mouzon

Alphonse Mouzon may be best known as a charter member of Weather Report, but the drummer’s constant spirit of musical wanderlust has always kept him from having a higher profile. His tenure in the group was brief, a constant throughout a session-heavy 40...


September 2008    Albums

The Anthology
Return To Forever

Return to Forever was a Latin jazz band in the early 1970s, a fusion act in the mid-’70s, and a big band in the late ’70s, but this is an anthology of only its most commercially successful middle period of 1973-1976. Bandleader Chick Corea, like most personnel...


August 2008    Albums

Floating Point
John McLaughlin

The first 10 years of British guitarist John McLaughlin’s 40-year career featured some amazing work with Miles Davis, plus groundbreaking solo releases and banner albums with both the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Shakti. That South Indian group released its...


August 2008    Albums

If People Could Talk
Vic Stevens’ Mistaken Identities

Drummer Vic Stevens has proven to be a fine sideman, particularly with outside-the-box guitarists such as Allan Holdsworth, David Torn and David Fiuczynski. His recording career as a leader, however, hasn’t equaled that success. Whether with the McGill/Manring...


August 2008    Artist Profiles

George Schuller’s Circle Wide: Round Repertory

Themed tribute CDs have become a popular way for modern jazz artists and recording labels to produce more “hits,” at least those of the Internet era’s search-engine variety. For Brooklyn-based drummer George Schuller’s band, Circle Wide, tributes have less...


August 2008    Albums

Jeff Coffin Mu’tet

When saxophonist Jeff Coffin joined Béla Fleck & the Flecktones in 1997, he righted their ship. That quartet had released three stellar CDs during 1990-1992, but when original keyboardist/harmonica player Howard Levy left, a void was created. The remaining...


June 2008    Overdue Ovation

Bunky Green: Teachin’, Tourin’, Kickin’ A#%

Alto saxophonist Vernice “Bunky” Green already had degrees from Northwestern University and Chicago State University in 1989, yet that’s when he chose to go back to school while in his mid-50s. To teach, that is. That school was the University of North Florida...


June 2008    Gearhead

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Cymbals

There are new additions to the Avedis Zildjian Company’s K Custom Hybrid Series, the award-winning line designed with Japanese drummer Akira Jimbo. A fusion specialist, Jimbo said in a press release that “brilliance and darkness co-exist” in his 21st-century...


June 2008    Albums

Oz Noy

Guitarist Oz Noy faced an uphill battle on his new CD Fuzzy, simply because it follows his intense 2006 release Oz Live. But if the prevailing notion was that Noy’s second studio effort would wilt by comparison, it gets proven wrong by mid-disc. Fuzzy starts...


June 2008    Albums

Jeff Richman

Los Angeles-based guitarist Jeff Richman has produced, arranged and appeared on a string of Tone Center all-star compilations and tributes (to John Coltrane, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Santana and Jeff Beck) since 2002. His solo-recording...


June 2008    Albums

Bill Stewart

Among the modern pride of relatively young lions in jazz drumming, Bill Stewart’s name isn’t mentioned often enough. The 41-year-old Iowa native has excelled both live and in the studio with guitarists John Scofield, Pat Metheny and Jonathan Kreisberg, and...


June 2008    Albums

Yellowjackets featuring Mike Stern

Yellowjackets started out as the backing band on a solo project for Robben Ford, the guitarist who in turn added spice to the band’s first two releases, still two of their best. Ford also made a guest appearance on the group’s last CD with a guitarist, 1993’s...


May 2008    Features

Stanley Jordan: The Healer

Stanley Jordan’s home in Sedona, Ariz., provides the guitarist with ample living, practice and office space, but if you ask him about its best feature, he literally looks outside the box. “I can pretty much walk out the door, pick a direction and go hiking...


May 2008    Albums

Rediscovering Lonnie Johnson
Blues Anatomy with Jef Lee Johnson

Rediscovering Lonnie Johnson honors Alonzo “Lonnie” Johnson (1899-1970), the blues star of the 1920s who’s generally regarded as the creator of the now-common single-note guitar solo. Johnson was also a vocalist, and second only to Blind Lemon Jefferson...


May 2008    Albums

In Two Minds
Bill Bruford & Michiel Borstlap

Roughly midway through his current 40-year recording career, drummer Bill Bruford released the explorative duo albums Music for Piano and Drums and Flags with former Yes keyboardist Patrick Moraz. The drummer searched for 15 years for the right keyboardist...

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