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March 2009    Albums

Performing This Week... Live at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club
Jeff Beck

At 64, Jeff Beck has gone from the young guitarist who admitted trying to keep up with Jimi Hendrix to the guitarist Hendrix might’ve become if he’d survived. Despite several recording lulls over 45 years, Beck has crafted a singular sub-genre anchored in...


March 2009    Albums

Charlie Sepulveda & the Turnaround
Charlie Sepulveda & the Turnaround

At age 20, Charlie Sepulveda earned the first trumpet slot in the band of another native New Yorker of Puerto Rican ancestry, heralded pianist Eddie Palmieri. Twenty-five years later, after working with stars from Dizzy Gillespie to Tito Puente, Sepulveda...


January/February 2009    Albums

Jimmy Herring

Jimmy Herring isn’t cut from the same cloth as most guitarists. He’s understated and soft-spoken, yet his playing has spoken volumes with Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jazz is Dead, Frogwings, the Dead, Project Z and Widespread Panic...


December 2008    Features

Bill Bruford: The Pilgrim’s Progress

It’s hard to figure which fact is more unbelievable, that Jan. 1, 2008, marked the start of Bill Bruford’s 40th year in the music business, or that May 17, 2009, will be the seemingly ageless drummer’s 60th birthday. That’s right: Bruford started his professional...


December 2008    Albums


If ever there was a bittersweet listen, it’s Leucocyte, the final studio CD by E.S.T. The trio was named for Esbjörn Svensson, the Swedish bandleader and keyboardist who died in a scuba diving accident near Stockholm in June at age 44. He left behind a wife...


December 2008    Albums

Christian Howes

Violinists often appear to be square pegs when trying to fit into jazz, since most, like their instruments, have classical backgrounds. Christian Howes offers up a curious attempt to bridge the classical-jazz gap on his latest release, Heartfelt, but then...


December 2008    Albums

Stones World
Tim Ries

Saxophonist Tim Ries can’t be criticized for being all over the place on his latest release, the double-CD Stones World. That was his intention. A member of the Rolling Stones’ touring band since 1999, Ries interprets a dozen of the group’s tunes here, with...


November 2008    Gearhead

Sabian Vault Crossover Ride Cymbal

Founded in 1981, the Canadian company Sabian is the fledgling among the world’s four leading cymbal manufacturers, predated by earlier 20th-century European innovators Paiste and Meinl and venerable 17th-century cymbal godfather Zildjian. Robert Zildjian...


November 2008    Albums

Alone Together
Tim Hagans

Veteran trumpeter Tim Hagans always displays an expressive tone, whether on burning postbop numbers or decelerated ballads, and he wastes no time in showing both extremes on the new Alone Together. Along with pianist Marc Copland, bassist Drew Gress and...


November 2008    Albums

Wine and Pickles
Mike Keneally

Few artists can make a coherent CD with outtakes from a decade’s worth of previous releases. But very few musicians are capable of the ambidexterity of Southern California multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally, who refers to Wine and Pickles in its liner notes...


November 2008    DVDs

Imaginary Day Live
Pat Metheny Group

Guitarist Pat Metheny thumbed his nose at the recording industry in 1994 with the CD Zero Tolerance for Silence, but its 40 minutes of white-noise feedback proved a point. Metheny knew he was popular enough for a major label like Geffen not to release it...


October 2008    Artist Profiles

Flecktone Jeff Coffin: Constant Change

Saxophonist Jeff Coffin has recorded with his Mu’tet band every few years since joining Béla Fleck and the Flecktones in 1997, and arranged solo touring dates around that quartet’s schedule. Such was the plan this year after the release of his stellar new...


October 2008    Features

Randy Brecker: Saudades

Only rare musicians can claim enough recording credits to warrant discographies of more than a few pages. Trumpeter Randy Brecker has a star-studded, single-spaced, 16-page scroll on his Web site that practically maps the history of recorded music during...


October 2008    Albums

Frank Catalano

Every musician’s playing is an extension of his or her personality, and tenor saxophonist Frank Catalano’s natural exuberance is on display throughout his sixth CD, BANG! The Chicago native draws from a hometown hero in saxophonist Von Freeman, an early...


September 2008    Albums

The Latin Side of Wayne Shorter
Conrad Herwig

If you don’t recognize Conrad Herwig’s name, it may be because of where he’s from and what he does. But the Oklahoma native’s occupation—professor of jazz trombone, improvisation, and composition/arrangement at Rutgers University in New Jersey—gives a clue...


September 2008    Albums

Jazz in Bel-Air
Alphonse Mouzon

Alphonse Mouzon may be best known as a charter member of Weather Report, but the drummer’s constant spirit of musical wanderlust has always kept him from having a higher profile. His tenure in the group was brief, a constant throughout a session-heavy 40...

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About Bill Meredith


Native Floridian Bill Meredith started a career as a freelance journalist in 1992, seven years after beginning his career as a drummer, percussionist and vocalist. Aside from occasional sportswriting, his two musical careers have paid the bills ever since. In 2006, he opened for B.B. King with blues band the Hellhounds, a few months after his second interview with Chick Corea.

Meredith has also written for Jazziz, City Link and Closer, and his various bands have opened for Ani DiFranco, Johnny Winter and Warren Hill.

Bill Meredith joined the JazzTimes community on Jan 31, 2008