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03/10/10    Albums

Into the Light
Dana Hall

Chicago-based drummer Dana Hall literally decided on a career in music when he realized it wasn’t rocket science. The Brooklyn-born, Philadelphia-raised musician studied both aerospace engineering and percussion at Iowa State University, and worked for the...


03/10/10    Albums

Impressions of a City
Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance

If you remember drummer Paul Wertico from his 1983-2001 tenure in the Pat Metheny Group, then his Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance’s new Impressions of a City will qualify as something completely and noisily different. Wertico complements his regular trio partners...


02/24/10    Movies

Return to Forever Returns: Live at Montreux 2008

Reunion DVD is an overlong paean to fusion's heyday


02/24/10    Movies

Yellowjackets New Morning: The Paris Concert

Sans studio sheen, Yellowjackets rip and roar live

11/22/09    Education

The Art of Compromise

Why a music degree is more practical than some parents (and students) might think


October 2009    Albums

Big Neighborhood
Mike Stern

Mike Stern is joined by many guests on his latest recording. Too many?


May 2009    Gearhead

New Sabian Cymbals: A Roundup

Canadian cymbal manufacturer Sabian may be less than 30 years old, but the company has become the primary rival to Zildjian, the 17th-century elder among world cymbal producers. The reasons for Sabian’s ascension include not only its historically affordable...


May 2009    Albums

KiF Express
David Fiuczynski

Guitarist David “Fuze” Fiuczynski set the bar high with his recording debut, the Tony Williams Lifetime-influenced 1994 Lunar Crush project with keyboardist John Medeski. Subsequent releases by his amoebic funk-rock-jazz-rap group, Screaming Headless Torsos...


May 2009    Albums

Brian Tarquin Presents... Fretworx
Brian Tarquin

Fusion became the jazz f-word when guitarists decided they could phrase like horn players, though few were as capable as the likes of Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Allan Holdsworth and Scott Henderson. New York City guitarist Brian Tarquin, influenced...


May 2009    DVDs

Live at Montreux 1976

A vintage performance that both hits and misses


April 2009    Albums

Gary Husband’s Drive

Anyone who heard Gary Husband on guitarist Allan Holdsworth’s 1982 album i.o.u. knew they were listening to a new drumming force. The problem was that the album was released on the small Luna Crack label, meaning few heard one of Holdsworth’s best recordings...


April 2009    DVDs

In Concert
Billy Martin

Medeski, Martin & Wood's drummer upfront


April 2009    DVDs

Live at Montreux 1996
Wayne Shorter

On par with his Miles and Weather Report days


April 2009    DVDs

New Morning: The Paris Concert
Mike Stern Band

A stunning performance from the guitarist


March 2009    Albums

Performing This Week... Live at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club
Jeff Beck

At 64, Jeff Beck has gone from the young guitarist who admitted trying to keep up with Jimi Hendrix to the guitarist Hendrix might’ve become if he’d survived. Despite several recording lulls over 45 years, Beck has crafted a singular sub-genre anchored in...


March 2009    Albums

Charlie Sepulveda & the Turnaround
Charlie Sepulveda & the Turnaround

At age 20, Charlie Sepulveda earned the first trumpet slot in the band of another native New Yorker of Puerto Rican ancestry, heralded pianist Eddie Palmieri. Twenty-five years later, after working with stars from Dizzy Gillespie to Tito Puente, Sepulveda...

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About Bill Meredith


Native Floridian Bill Meredith started a career as a freelance journalist in 1992, seven years after beginning his career as a drummer, percussionist and vocalist. Aside from occasional sportswriting, his two musical careers have paid the bills ever since. In 2006, he opened for B.B. King with blues band the Hellhounds, a few months after his second interview with Chick Corea.

Meredith has also written for Jazziz, City Link and Closer, and his various bands have opened for Ani DiFranco, Johnny Winter and Warren Hill.

Bill Meredith joined the JazzTimes community on Jan 31, 2008