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01/08/13    Community Articles

Astaxanthin And Exercise - The Benefits For Athletes

There are a number of reasons why many professional athletes take Astaxanthin. They already know that Astaxanthin is linked to increased stamina, better performance and rapid recovery. The key to these tremendous benefits is Astaxanthin's ability to reduce...

01/08/13    Community Articles

Time to recharge your batteries? Enjoy more energy with Astaxanthin

Ever wonder how salmon can swim up to 100 miles upstream against the current without becoming tired? The answer is Astaxanthin! The pink-orange color of the salmon flesh is Astaxanthin. All human cells contain their own little power plants or batteries...

01/07/13    Community Articles

Help Protect Your Skin From Aging With Astaxanthin

In this post we'll look at how you can protect your skin from ageing, including the role Astaxanthin can play by reducing the impact of free radicals and helping to reverse damage that has already occurred.

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