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June 2003    Guitartistry

The Banff Sessions
John Stowell

While many players who came up in the '70s and '80s stylistically reflect the influence of Pass, Montgomery, Hall, Kessel, Burrell, Grant Green, and a few other players who helped forged the mainstream guitar style in the '50s and '60s, Oregon resident John...


June 2003    Guitartistry

Going Somewhere
Avi Rothbard

New York City-based Avi Rothbard exhibits the influence of Grant Green throughout Going Somewhere (MidLantic), an organ-trio project. Drummer Joe Strasser and organist Jared Gold capably provide support while Rothbard tests his mettle with a mix of standards...


June 2003    Guitartistry

Steve Herberman

The Berklee College of Music continues to turn out a large number of guitarists, including Steve Herberman, who is based in the Washington, D.C., area. On Thoughtlines (String Jazz), he flexes his instrumental muscles, supported by tenorman Bruce Swaim...


June 2003    Guitartistry

Blue Thumb
Gil Parris

Gil Parris is another Berklee alum; however, instead of producing a predictable bebop product, his recent Blue Thumb (Okra-Tone) reflects something more personal and ambitious in terms of its stylistic span and ensemble makeup, the core of which includes...


June 2003    Guitartistry

Simple Pleasures
Rudy Linka

Berklee's far-reaching influence is evident in the musical evolution of Rudy Linka, who was born in Czechoslovakia and elected to remain in the U.S. after receiving his music education in Boston. On Simple Pleasures (MidLantic), his 10th recording as leader...


June 2003    Guitartistry

North Light
Steven Kirby

The tight, precise guitar/sax doublings during the head to "Line Game," which opens North Light (A-Records), leaves little doubt that Boston-based Steven Kirby is a fine musician with formidable chops and a refined sense of time and space. Two groups are...


June 2003    Guitartistry

Crazy Talk
Jeff Barone

On Crazy Talk (String Jazz), New York-based Jeff Barone unleashes his aggressive, in your face improvisational approach to mainstream jazz on tunes like "In a Sentimental Mood," "You Must Believe in Spring" and "Who Can I Turn To?" Lending support are pianist...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

Summer Night
Philip Catherine

Belgium's Philip Catherine got his start in Gypsy jazz and has played with such luminaries as Jean-Luc Ponty, Charles Mingus and Larry Coryell. Despite Catherine's considerable talents as an improviser, for at least his last couple of projects-including...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

Cedars of Avalon
Larry Coryell

Larry Coryell's Cedars of Avalon (HighNote) has the relaxed vibe of a living room jam, which isn't surprising given the fact that the participants-Coryell, pianist Cedar Walton, bassist Buster Williams, drummer Billy Drummond and engineer Rudy Van Gelder...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

Every Step of the Way
Peppino D'Agostino

A couple of years ago, rocker Steve Vai formed the Favored Nations label. One of the artists he picked up was acoustic fingerstylist Peppino D'Agostino, whose Every Step of the Way (Favored Nations Acoustic) features an assortment of inventive original solos...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

Hit and Run
Randy Johnston

Straightahead jazzer Randy Johnston swings with the best of them, witnessed by his performances on Hit & Run (HighNote) with pianist Bruce Barth, drummer Grady Tate, bassist Nat Reeves and vibist Joe Locke. Dig Johnston's work on his own "Down Time," a Montgomery...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

Art of the Invisible
Adam Rogers Quartet

"Who?" is a question that a reviewer sometimes asks himself, one that certainly applies to Adam Rogers, even though he's been a sideman with the likes of Michael Brecker, Cassandra Wilson and Brother Jack McDuff. On his most recent album, Art of the Invisible...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

Phoenix Rising
Ken Hatfield

While the electric guitar has long been the preferred ax of jazz players, occasionally a musician comes along who convincingly plays a classical instrument with nylon strings. One such player is Ken Hatfield, whose Phoenix Rising (Arthur Circle) features...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

Here and There
Jesse Van Ruller

Jesse Van Ruller is a 30-year-old Dutch guitarist who, by his own admission, normally plays his own compositions. However, on Here and There (Criss Cross), with the exception of one original, he leads his quartet through a program of standards almost as...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

Tommy Emmanuel

Australia's Tommy Emmanuel, while he doesn't play jazz per se, is an acoustic steel-string guitarist whose particular gifts for mood and melody will have most open-minded music lovers nodding in approval. Only, his first recording for Favored Nations Acoustic...


January/February 2003    Guitartistry

My Shining Hour
Howard Alden

It was Howard Alden, one of the finest players around, doing the real playing behind Sean Penn's character in the 1999 Woody Allen film Sweet and Lowdown. While most of the material on My Shining Hour (Concord), Alden's latest CD, doesn't have anything to...

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