Masabumi Kikuchi - "Sunrise" ( ECM 2012 )

La Musique creuse le ciel

Charles Budelaire

When the keyboard spreads, secretive in the intimate atmosphere, the performer undertakes an act of healthy and supportive intrusion. It depends not only on him, but also on the complicity of the listener. A tightrope, someone who is exposed to adventure, random time score, in brotherhood with silence: that embodies the eastern pianist Masabumi Kikuchi stilled in his album of paroxysm at ECM "Sunrise"( March 2012).

It is an open heart to each of these dazzling musical shreds. "Ballad I" is where silence clothes at the junction of the trio. Time shapes their heaviness to open intimacy of this instrumental band. It is the freshness of silence transformed into music. Facets of poetic speech that without naming the words, just host, make them sound. Never mind. "New Day" is the compressed flash of drums, sound cleanup generating acoustic simplicity. Besides his volatile polyrhythmic game. Each stroke, every piece, creates an attractive body of sensations that beats itself. At "Short Stuff", pianists shows up talkative, sharp, elastic. It is the shortest theme, showing the effect of brevity.

The new piano figures are embodied in “ So What Variations”, phrases building up mazes, locked themselves for joy, in constant circulation. It is the symbiosis of a trio formed by Thomas Morgan on bass and passed away drummer Paul Motian leaded by pianist Bumi Kikuchi. "Ballad II" portrays the wisdom of the piano under the splendor of the cymbals. Infinity wasteful underground grammar. The sensitive image of jazz has here its thin prognosis. In "Sunrise", wind is rustling in the bass, piano plays in persistent rain rate: is the glow of a wealth in the variety of timbres of their instruments. Here, sound images volatilize and densified while in a magical setting. A network of piano sounds make the binder joy in the song "Sticks & Cymbals". Twilight of musical fire.

The sounds emitted by the pianist with his voice become curious electro-acoustic drawings surprise raid. Vertigo is made at time of jazz persistence in "End of Day". This is an echo of fullness built with subtle nuances of wonder. "Uptempo" is presented as the battle trance instrumental in apotheosis. The overflowing imagination sneaks into the ears, footprint, petrify the reasons of cold intellect. Finally the theme "Last Ballad" has melodies crossed by verbal silence.

It seems that dreams exist entangled, utopia concentrated in the thread of the sounds from each of the trio members. In short, one tense craving to drink more of these delicate and dense sounds is what permeates the whole body, listening to “Sunrise”, with unexpected trio, lavish in its language (However subtle), invigorating scholarly cravings excess.
Mayo 23 - 2013

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