The instrumental sonorities, including human voice, have their own place in musical composition. Piano, as some other stringed instruments, populates the time with the subtlety of an a colorful angry flower. It takes over it in a poetic way, creating an unique image in soundscape. I don´t understand any other way the piano playing of Graig Taborn in his master work at ECM “Chants”. In his prodigious nine tunes, Craig designs the musical silence, dwells with rapture momentum, the dispossession. In “Saints”, first piece, his strength is seductive, forging drunk because its crystal piano sound, purity mirror where sentences are staggered with hard rhythmic. Next tune, “Best the Ground”, Rhythm subverts its own dynamism and gains in lush boldness, at ease agitated, in talkative perseverance. Unscrupulous beat. Waterfall of musical emotions for his superb rhythm. “ In Chants”, is, meanwhile, a silent watermark, something like vertigo off excess. The trio drawing his orgiastic charisma, secret of his depth. Suffice it to say, the delicacy of a intimate explosion. The nuances of the trio present their strengths in this beautiful song: three musicians devotion in his sonorous silence, even, seems that bass, in his solo, 'sew' to silence, and piano crystallizes the atmosphere in its beauty. These are moments of musical event present in most of the beginning of each track, as corroborated in “Hot Blood“, with sound blocks of intervals waving its own strength. It's sounds like a strange sexual plot, moreover sized music that way. “All True Night Future Perfect“ is the piano solo sobriety, weaving one light spell with the trio and showing perplexity in rhythmic strokes, with dreamy structure. “Cracking Hearts”, offers, in the beginning, sounds scattered, carpet of sound art flapping in its timbres of light density and percussion of playful randomness, jubilant trio exposition. The different faces of this classic piano format, bass and drums offer conceptual richness when belonging to lavish payroll of german label ECM. And this is a trustworthy. In “Silver Ghosts” the crystal scatters his gold grains. Beauty slight mineralogy. Piano is offered with thin tear. Instant brings me to remember Romanian philosopher Cioran when he said music makes you touch time. We passed to “Silver Days of Love”, scenery of sounds in its warmth trio, intimate jazzy show. This is a huge and generous musical tragedy (Light in its ecstasy). Finally we come to "Speak the Name", where approaching a cataclysm. The piano creates buzz riding a polymorphic drum set. It is here where takes possession of the trio hierarchy. "Chants" is a majestic work opening shiny new roads to classic jazz trio. Craig Taborn, on piano, Thomas Morgan on bass and Gerald Cleeaver drums help us to continue cultivating the musical wonder.
Mayo 22 - 2013

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