What I really enjoy of jazz is that it bring us a pain and we don´t evencare.ErikSatie The trio format, consisting of piano, bass and drums, is perhaps one of the most common in jazz. Because continuity in the recording business becomes accustomed dye a bucolic landscape that we see in the distance, typical and unappealing. Since this production "Wysteria", (2012 ) by exclusive European label ECM, that picture is gaining new overtones, and that is where we find, to the extent that we approach it, the sunny vertigo of its flowers. The band consisting of Steve Kuhn on piano, Steve Swalow on bass and Joey Baron on drums, states that every jazz work has a secret glow. It is typical of the genre and demanding interpreter.

The pianist melodies, although it has standard passages, offers moments of contagious lyricism (“A Likely story “ ); of beautiful recollection (“Wysteria”); a fascinating pulse as romantic as descriptive (“Dark Gladness“); jovially versatile with long sentences (“Good Looking’ Rookie“); the beautiful and simple sound as a birdsong in the morning(“Romance“); the harmonic and melodic sensibility shines exquisite listener, (“Adagio”); sinuous piano, walking through the melodic intricacies, with the ease of someone who has waded his instrument with clear and clean articulation(“Permanent Wave“), so, the sum of these elements results in a feeling of the piano in its varied and subtle facets, dignifying kuhn ´s performance, exalted by contained power, that Apollonian excess of drummer Joey Baron.

While there are passages dressed up in conventional trio clothes, protrudes in general a special conjunction, I would name it magic and secret momentum. Presence of Swallow in his solos is a cold story (some moments ) and categorical sonority, (some other...). Bassist fails to 'vocalize' his instrument in its true splendor, merely supports rhythmically, adjusting himself to the compositions. The opposite happens with Joey Baron, a strong and powerful drummer, contributing ideas with strength or strength with ideas through his usual resources on cymbals. Adding those figures rhythmically delicate and strong at the same time. But surely the real pearl of this work is the piece “mordiente y expresivo”, as talkative as a great encouragement. The trio unfolds here in a dizzying atmosphere, ease in a climax of high and lyrical instrumental affinity.

This album, “Wysteria“, eleven tracks, gets to the heart by way of sharp perception, no doubt, outside the technical understanding, one who draws an outline of academicism, as mentioned last year in a review by a well known jazz magazine, where the reviewer gives this wonderful work a surprising grade C. Jazz is the emotion that weaves amazing sensitivity of musicians and listeners in a permanent artistic daring plane. “ Wysteria “ fully accomplishes that.

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