If the nature of the music is abstract, can we select which elements to define its strength or weakness? In jazz, these clarifications acquire more, thanks to its expressive content. The Brazilian saxophonist and composer Ivo Perelman again assumes the leadership of a trio that has no other intention than metamorphosing their sound in fire. And no wonder: their lineage is rooted with the fierceness of Albert Ayler and discourse of an era that understood the free jazz as a substantial part of its existence. This is the work of the previous year called The Clairvoyant, involving Mathew Shipp on piano and drummer Whit Dickey.

We are faced with the presence of a sonorous breakdown of a polished account. Atmospheres that offer us compositions from Ivo Perelman are envelopes, to say the least: The sax is always at the mercy of the piano and drums, spurred by them as if it were a fervent battle. Scattered sounds accompanied by a seductive rhythm section, both its strength and its discursive unfolding. Elements that lead to an abstract richness, so energetic and engaging. It is a way of being in the jazz as an event sound, a sound palette that requires a seasoned listener. We continue with The Clairvoyant.

This is an audible paint of abstract sharpness and compulsive blues. The concentrated festival of free jazz has a tireless list of performers, both in their beginnings as today. On the saxophone of Ivo Perelman, we attended, suddenly, to the breaking the sound matter? The firm delicacy of its saxofonistic trace takes different grooves, something like the alchemy of the game and fire, a music thread that stealthily enters the mouth of the metal and is externalized in a mysterious shriek. These are, Perelman, Shipp and Dickey, on the saxophone, piano and drums, respectively.

Music depicting a beautiful disaster? The philosophy and literature of chaos while we can give very effective light to the audible practice of this bombastic jazz. The exudation abstract, continuity of a libertarian and organic breath, and the dazzling substance of a compact style in their groan, becomes the reference axis which is outlined by this type of jazz, as mature in its conformation, as ethical its existential principals. A Brazilian that is universal to permanently rubbing shoulders with the most intrepid musicians of New York underground scene. The Clairvoyant is a demanding work, tailored to the body of the listener, one who has avidly and resistance; because we know that it is the complete body who listens. We are willing the body music to the states of the body. Any music lover knows. Perelman emphasizes in his breathing style the dense and light winds of free contemporary jazz.
Consulter: ww.ivoperelman.com

Gustavo Bustamante Mesa - March 7, 2013

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