Is there anything more natural than breathing? We are waned of its movement, its ripple? Listening to the composer and Brazilian saxophonist Ivo Perelman, the breath, or its breathing with the instrument, incites dancing, or perhaps the dancing of the breath is who leads your way of approaching the tenor saxophone. Along with Joe Morris on guitar and Gerald Cleaver on drums, Perelman draws us into his breathing sound in the production of " Living Jelly ", a title taken from a book by the Brazilian novelist Clarise Lispector. This is the suggestive dynamic musical of an unusual trio led by the always restless Ivo Perelman. Jazz Session, with the innovator of jazz and its many styles.

It is Joe Morris himself who appoints the Brazilian saxophonist Ivo Perelman as a man of rich, open, interesting and inventive ideas. Together with him we appreciate as weaves clusters of notes, showing a plasticity of the sound together, seasoned with a deployment evocative sonic pointillism. The Aylerian feature of Perelman is perhaps marked by the Anglo Saxon saxophonist influence, but which at the same time appears with the interpretive vitality, living in an organic touch with talkative and showy abstractions.

One of the constants of this production Ivo Perelman, “Living Jelly " is the metal of the instruments, i.e. their libertarian polyphony that expands with the union of each one of the employed bells, creating a conjunction filled with dense, lyrical , and passionate textures. It is, if we continue to use the term today, free breathing, alluding not only to the complex style installed in jazz history, but also to the way that he faces the fluctuating sound of his saxophone. Yet not without a free balladry with its own structure.

The matrix sound of Ivo Perelman is of organic matter, the guitarist Joe Morris says to us. Like his other artistic activity such as abstract painting, the Brazilian saxophonist cultivates a trade, that contrarily to what may seem from their music, is sincere vitality. One feature very typical of the freeman, which they combined in one person's technical ability, spiritual feeling and open political stance. The playfulness of his music, though heartbreaking, spread by his frenzy, with a mature conceptual framework, exquisite, and why not, seductive. Theirs is not heated showy skilled way. It is something that is stripped of appearances, of a vain performance. And it shows in their permanent shows in the Big Apple, a true paradise where sound has rubbed shoulders with the jazz innovator.

We are faced with that he has called "The Breathing Sound” of Ivo Perelman. With this trio of saxophone, guitar, and drums, the inflections, melodic figures, silences us into a contagious groove, affirming once again his drum accomplice, Joe Morris, leaving us with a taste of sage confidence of creativity that flows through the pores of jazz in movement, articulated the rigorous task of his protagonist in constant evolution with his musical ideas. His quality is in tune with his virtuosity.

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