make a list of songs you should play required a jazz band?

Alex thought this ...

The Guru Ubaldo Miranda "I was Ellington who said:" jazz is a form of writing, is a way of playing ... it means nothing if you can not swing "Well, in a forced repe include the most liked: Take the A Train, Take Five, Giant Steps, night in tunissia, abalone, uff tons of real books! "

Master Carlos Tapia: "Uyyyy friend! Variety to suggest is demsaiada. Anything in particular what kind of group?"

the great musician Samuel Martinez: "The gustito, the Peten, cam, Balaju, the tilingo lingo, the huazanga, the mourn and zacamandu, aaaaahh and all of Vicente Garrido, Mario Ruiz Armengol and Jose Alfredo Jimenez ... Already later, the Real Book, all ... "

my good friend and music fan level to sick Jaime Alvarez: "Ok, as I go I'll put names agreeing so quickly come to mind that you've touched as those of Dave Brubeck, do not pass the standards of My Funny Valentaine, Misty or any part of Cole Porter, Gerswin, Rodgers and Hard or Ellington.También the Grand Duke of Kurt Weill, are delicious. "

ken Basmas: "Gosh, there are thousands. Neither know where to start, but I heard one I had not heard in years.'re My Everything sung by Flora Purim Lighty disk as a Feather by Chick Corea. than melody so beautiful! ! "

other responses:

Bennet Carlin All the small things
Take five Adad Abraham, tune ...
Don Charmin Peterete The Pink Panther theme, then if they have a place where people are not skilled in jazz, if you listen to acclimate haha: P
Carlos Paz Aguilar Castillo so what!
Le Danee

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