Wine - "My Possibility" (EP)

Fresh, original, intelligent songwriting from this French outfit will appeal to lovers of neo-soul groups such as Swing Out Sister and Basia.

Part of the fun of being in the music business is that one often gets the thrill of discovering fresh new sounds. A warm happiness bubbles up inside when you realize that you may have uncovered a sound that likely will appeal to a wide range of people, and that's exactly what I felt upon listening to the new EP from the Paris-based group, simply called Wine.

The six-track EP is called “My Possibility” and truly tells of the cycle of a romantic relationship from beginning to end. In the past, such an offering would have been rightly called a concept album, and Wine delivers the story beautifully.

The title track (“My Possibility”) is a light and funky romp that celebrates the beginning stages of a new love, but also keenly understands that these dreams are a fantasy of how perfectly the relationship may be: "I love writing my own movie in which the parts are you and me ... the only place I could hear 'Action!' is in my imagination... You are my possibility, my probably-maybe… " Buffeted by superb backing vocals from Emma Doo and Ray, deep writing and clean solo work from composer and guitarist Pascal Renaudat (aka "Scalp"), and a tightly soulful rhythm section, lead vocalist Soanne tells the story in clear, plain English, with a tight hook that left me singing it all day long.

The EP swings ahead into “I Miss the Time I Missed Someone”, an expert blend of bebop/horn-like lead vocals that still keeps the track’s feel in a contemporary, funky jazz groove. Throughout the bridge, dreamy major-seventh chords recall the best of 1970s warm tones while the lead reminisces, “… No one to miss, no one to kiss … I’m looking for bliss …” The first-date from the title track obviously hasn’t bloomed into a longer relationship yet.

On the third track, however, “Cup of Coffee”, Wine refuses to release us from its funky grip or from the story of finding love. This selection tells a cool story about how the sleepy-headed narrator, “too lazy” to make her own coffee at home, meets a new love in the waiter at the local coffee house. This track makes excellent use of sweet vocal layering, combined with Wine’s bold rhythm section to build the track to a successful climax.

By the middle of the EP, it’s obvious that time has passed, and now the relationship is going south with the soulful, rhythmic, and wrenching ballad (“Bye Bye”). Within this tale, the narrator dreams once again about how much she would rather be single than have to put up with the current problems in her relationship – “I’m leaving and that idea makes my day ..” However, she figures that any departure would be temporary and would just give her a way to see her relationship differently, when she returns in the future. It speaks to a secret desire of many to run away and get some space when issues within a relationship simply become too intense.

As if it were the next chapter in the book of walking away from issues (but continuing with Wine’s solid groove, melodic horn-line vocals, and delicious backing vocals, the now-apparent calling card of the group), the fifth track, “Lettin’ Go”, finally reaches the decision to call the relationship quits: “I’ve just got to see, what it’s like to be free … Magic in the air, I feel it everywhere, this is my letting go …”

The sixth track closes the final chapter of this great romantic novella (“Out of Breath”), in which the narrator draws a parallel between relationships and running a long-distance race. The closing lyrics echo: “Hey, who put you out of breath?” We the audience know that the entire cycle of this whirlwind romance did, but due to the infectious groove throughout the entire offering, we also cannot wait to rewind to the beginning of the EP and start all over again – just like people who continue on, searching for love.

The EP can be found on iTunes ( and is a must-own for lovers of neo-soul and pop-funk groups such as Swing Out Sister, Everything But the Girl, and Basia.

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  • Nov 05, 2013 at 09:41AM Tyler Spears

    I listened to snippets of the album after reading this review. It has a lot of vibe to it but romantic too. I smirked a bit at Cup of Coffee, given the group's name being Wine.

  • Dec 04, 2013 at 03:54PM Kathryn Ballard Shut

    Good point, Tyler!! Thank you for listening to the group and noting the irony in one of the songs. I'm looking forward to their new album, set to release sometime in 2014. -K

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