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Lifelock's Simple Service Could Leave Some Buyers Feeling Exposed…
In December 2003, Lifelock made waves in the credit industry immediately after the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, or FACTA forced credit bureaus to let buyers to spot fraud alerts on their credit reports. This in turn forced lenders to verify your identity just before extending credit or loans in your name. Fraud alerts are temporary and expire after 90 days. Taking into consideration that credit bureaus derive a considerable portion of their income from promoting your facts, they likely weren't as well keen on consumers restricting access to their credit files. They didn't mind this too much considering the fact that the percentage of customers that were even conscious such options existed-much less use them-was minuscule.

Enter Todd Davis and Lifelock.

Lifelock is frequently compared to TrustedID. For a detailed comparison amongst the two solutions, read our Lifelock vs TrustedID article.
In its early days, Lifelock built their business about the potential to place fraud alerts and renew them on your behalf, properly generating them permanent.

The credit bureaus sued and argued that Lifelock was attempting to "game the system" of fraud alerts to create a profit. In Could of 2009, a federal judge ruled that Lifelock can no longer location fraud alerts on its customer's credit profiles. Given that then, Lifelock has moved away from fraud alerts and evolved into a sophisticated identity monitoring service centered around detecting early signs of identity fraud. In January 2010, Lifelock launched an upgraded protection service known as Command Center that delivers scanning of public databases including court records and sex offender registry reports.

Is Lifelock A Scam?
With all of the recent press about Lifelock, it's no surprise a lot of people could be a bit weary about becoming sold a bill of goods. Lifelock has been sued, fined 12 million by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive organization practices, and their CEO, Todd Davis had his identity stolen at least 13 times. When you consider this indicates identity theft solutions are one major scam, think again. Read much more.

How Does Lifelock Function?

Lifelock Identity Alert Method?
Lifelock continually scans the world wide web and public databases and will alert you by e-mail, postal mail, and/or phone whenever they detect your private information being employed to apply for several types of credit cards, wireless solutions, retail credit, utilities, check orders/reorders, mortgage loans, auto loans and non-credit connected payday loans. If the application is fraudulent, Lifelock's remediation team will take action to help safeguard your good name.

$1 Million Total Service Guarantee
Lifelock members have access to a recovery specialist who will invest as much as $1 million to employ lawyers, investigators, consultants and whatever else is required to restore your name. It'll not cover lost wages or business earnings, direct out of company fees and lost opportunities.

Lifelock's eRecon? service will scan thousands of identified criminal Net websites for the illegal promoting or trading of your private data such as your name, address, Social Security quantity, bank account numbers and credit card numbers. If they locate a piece of the identity on certainly one of these black marketplace websites, they'll alert you and help you take actions to resolve the issue.

A common way identity thieves operate is by redirecting your mail with a alter of address request. Identity thieves can divert your mail to steal your private and monetary info. Lifelock will scan address databases nationwide to detect unauthorized alter of address requests. If detected, they'll notify you and perform with you to assist stay clear of further harm and restore accurate address info.

If your wallet or purse goes missing, a WalletLock? specialist will support cancel and replace the lost contents of your wallet, such as your credit/debit cards, driver's license, social security card, insurance cards, checkbook - even travelers checks.

Lessen Junk Mail
Lifelock will request your name be removed from marking and pre-approved mailing lists, an additional prospective supply of identity theft.

24-Hour Help
Lifelock maintains 24 hour direct access to account representatives.


At $9.00/month, Lifelock is reasonably priced and if you use any of our links, we've negotiated 30 days no cost as well as a $21.00 discount off the typical price tag. Unfortunately you will find no price discounts for spouses but coverage for minors is supplied at $22.50 per year.

The Lifelock Identity Alert? system utilizes a number of technologies and data sources to scan credit applications for member's personal and private information. Considering that the introduction of the system in September 2009, Lifelock has reported on and blocked over 6,200 fraudulent applications for both credit and non-credit solutions ahead of any damage could possibly be completed.

The basic Lifelock service contains eRecon?, TrueAddress?, and annual copies of your credit report. These services will scan over 10,000 underground web-sites for the illegal promoting of the data and detect if your address has been changed in nationwide address databases however the lack of additional frequent credit monitoring is often a concern.

Lifelock presents the $1 Million Total Service Guarantee, 24-Hour member Service along with the WalletLock? service that will help you if you develop into a victim of identity theft. The only concern with this can be the $1 Million Guarantee doesn't cover wage losses.

Lifelock Opinion

This can be the service that started it all. Many of you could possibly keep in mind CEO Tod Davis boldly displaying his social security quantity all more than the airwaves daring identity thieves to steal it. They did. Based on the Phoenix New Occasions, Todd Davis has been the victim of identity theft over 13 occasions. Apparently it is nevertheless a superb idea to keep your social security number to your self however the truth that after such a brazen display of his individual facts, he's only been victimized 13 occasions.

Is Lifelock Worth It?
But does that mean identity theft protection is often a just a one big scam? Hardly. Buyers just must recognize that there's no way to 100% guarantee you will under no circumstances become a victim of identity theft. The proliferation of data breaches, on the web shopping, and internet banking indicates you will find just as well lots of methods for tech savvy thieves to get a hold of your identity. You simply cannot manage who see's your mortgage or auto loan application once you hand it over.

A superb identity theft service drastically reduces the chances you'll become a victim, will detect identity theft in its early stages, and provide invaluable support in resolving civil or criminal difficulties that may possibly rise as a result of somebody else using your identity.

How Does Lifelock Compare?
Lifelock's simple service falls brief when compared to other comparably priced solutions which include TrustedID and Guard Dog ID; all of whom have matching $1 Million Dollar service guarantees.

In addition to anything Lifelock offers, TrustedID presents generous loved ones strategy pricing, antivirus protection, and medical positive aspects protection. Lifelock may well have been the service that started it all but like numerous other industries, the trailblazers may well have essentially the most marketplace share but are typically not the ones who offer consumers the most beneficial worth. The competitors who have to offer you "more for less" to grab market place share normally do.

THE Superior: LifeLock is often a decent identity theft protection service at a reasonable value. They basically single-handedly designed the identity protection industry with their bold advertising and are the market leaders inside the consumer identity protection market.

THE Bad: If you're seeking to present protection for your complete household, TrustedID's household strategy provides near identical protection at a important discount. While Lifelock charges per member, TrustedID charges one particular price per household. The savings can really add up if you have 3 or extra members within your household. No credit monitoring.

Lifelock Promotion

For a lot more information about Lifelock and its services, go to We've negotiated exclusive discounts for our readers, merely use any of our links to receive $21 off the normal price and 30 days absolutely free. No promotion code is needed.


lifelock review

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