Different Causes of Bedwetting among Children

Parents may expect their small children to wet their beds at some point while they are growing up. Although they usually take it for granted and just wait until the problem goes away, parents have to know what bedwetting causes of their children. They do not need to put the blame of their little ones because children would not want to be doing it on purpose. They feel embarrassed and ashamed if they are not able to control their bladder in the night though it is not their fault. Parents should know the causes so that they may be able to do the necessary steps in order to help their children stop wetting their beds while they are sleeping.

There are two types of causes of bedwetting among children. Some kids suffer from primary bedwetting especially those who are experiencing it for a long time without stopping. This condition may be brought about because of their nervous system that is not yet fully developed. As such, children are unable to feel that they have to wake up to go to the bathroom to urinate. This condition may be aggravated in children who are not able to hold much urine at night and in some instances, children may be producing too much urine in their bladders while they are asleep.

Some children may also be suffering secondary bedwetting problems. This may also happen for various reasons. Children may have stopped their bedwetting problems but it may reoccur again. Emotional as well as medical problems may cause secondary bedwetting. Children may also experience daytime wetting especially in severe cases. Parents have to bring their children to their pediatricians for proper diagnosis. Their children may be suffering from urinary tract infections or from anatomical abnormalities that tend to affect the organs, muscles or nerves which are included in the bladder function.

Children who are afflicted with diabetes as well as with other severe illnesses or neurological conditions may also suffer from secondary bedwetting. Those who are living in a stressful environment especially those who are affected by emotional problems may also experience wetting the bed. Other children who have sleep disorders such as sleep apnea may likewise suffer from this problem. In such cases, parents have to bring their children to medical experts for diagnosis and treatment of their medical conditions in order to stop the secondary bedwetting problems. Parents have to make sure on how to stop bed wetting problems of their children in order for them to be able to help their kids in overcoming it.

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