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If there is one thing that sells more than sex nowadays, it would be the products specialized in enhancing sexual experiences, like male enhancement supplements and natural or synthetic aphrodisiacs. Every time you try to read your email, you need to surf through at least a few commercials of aphrodisiacs, as a rule. The naked truth is that these are actually wanted and needed; therefore the market floods us with them constantly.

While not too many men and users of - -, are willing to admit they could use a little bit of help on this chapter, they would all like to take a peek and even order something. The problem would be that many of them mistake aphrodisiacs with pills that should help them better perform, but this is the fault of manufacturers who intentionally promote this idea to increase their sales.

So, in a nutshell, aphrodisiacs should only make you feel desire, to stimulate your sexual desire, the intention of engaging in sexual intercourse, and they are most often requested by couples who have kind of lost passion after years of relationship, but also by men who, for whatever what reasons, have experienced a low libido.

The problem is simple, yet solving it is not necessarily that easy, particularly because it is all about our brain and the hormonal levels. Testosterone is the most important ingredient of the equation, and its lack or an imbalance is probably the main suspect when sex drive is wanted dead or alive, followed by fatigue, stress and in some cases depressions.

As both body and mind are involved, it seems natural for aphrodisiacs to work on one of them or even both of them. Some can simply allow more blood to flood the penis, which will automatically initiate the thought of sexual intercourse and stimulate arousal and desire. Alternatively, aphrodisiacs can generate the secretion of certain chemicals known to trigger desire and give a certain pleasure. However, the power of our brains is the most impressive, since even just thinking that a certain substance has aphrodisiac properties can actually increase your libido.

The thing with aphrodisiac substances is that they are well known in general, as researchers have identified them in various herbs, foods and introduced them in certain supplements, and yet, it is hard to tell how much of that particular substance is required for notable changes to interfere. This aspect might make you feel it is safer to consume foods that have aphrodisiacs in a natural form instead of taking pills, because food is hardly known to kill you or give you serious side effects while pills can make you more damage.

The good news however is that the substance you finally ingest is going to increase all your sensorial experiences, from touch and sight to hearing, taste and smell. When you are hypersensitive to everything around you, chances are you will feel the urge of becoming intimate with your partner.

The variety of natural aphrodisiacs is actually impressive and researchers continue to discover new ones. Exotic fruits such as papaya, avocado and bananas, together with peaches, figs and pomegranate, sea foods like shrimps, oysters and caviar, vegetables with phallic shape like cucumbers, carrots and asparagus or hot spices – pepper, cardamom and chili are considered safe recipes. Add sensual scents of musk, vanilla or patchouli and you may have an even more exciting sexual experience.

All of the above can be at your service any time you want. Precisely because you cannot know how much you need to eat, it would be wise to easily include some of them in your daily menu and wait to notice changes. Alternatively, you can consider trying over the counter supplements that may help you achieve, besides the sexual desire, a better erection as well. Male enhancement supplements are known to contain aphrodisiacs so try solving more than one problem at once.

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