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But manual SEO techniques are best of their kind and help a webmaster to have complete control over his post and the way it will impress his visitors. It is true that keyword density is an SEO tool which is dragged to its extreme by the webmasters in order to get high traffic to their sites. But there is a certain safety margin which has to be followed in order to stay within safe limits from getting banned by the search engines. Here I will give a report of the research I did on keyword Densities and their effect on search engines.

If certain search engines love high keyword density articles, some others hate them and flag the respective sites as spam. Some search engines also give much weight to the anchor text of the link which either comes in or goes out of the webpage. Keywords can be used in various ways to steal the attention of the search engines. Some webmasters use high keyword density for getting high targeted traffic while some others use the link and link keyword method to tell the searchbots about the main keyword that they have targeted through their post. Both work, but some techniques work best with certain techniques as compared to the other search engines.

You must have heard that a keyword density of five to seven percent is ideal. But seven percent will kill your Google SEO status and will make you important in the eyes of other search engines like yahoo or even Bing! senuke x vpsThe debate between SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC is probably the most heated in the world of Internet marketing. There are marketers who swear by pure SEO and then there are those who do nothing but PPC. But what many people fail to realize is that it is possible not to take the two as totally separate strategies. In fact, you can view SEO and PPC as being two sides of the same coin. In fact, I will go as far as to say that SEO is not complete without PPC and those marketers who insist on doing nothing but pure SEO are actually missing a lot.

More exposure

When you combine SEO and PPC you will definitely become more visible. Sure, you can get top ranking with SEO alone. But many people tend to forget that the top 3 results on Google and other search engines are usually PPC ads. This is why you shouldn't ignore PPC or reduce your PPC efforts even if you are ranking with SEO. Why stop with dominating the organic search when you can dominate the paid search results as well? Implementing both an SEO and PPC strategy will greatly increase traffic and will make your site look legit with the search engines.

Use PPC to test keywords

If you want to refine your organic keyword strategy then the best way to do it is through PPC. You can use PPC ads to test the conversion rate of your organic keywords. You should do this especially when your keyword strategy is evolving already. With PPC, you will get immediate feedback on how effective your organic keywords are. Then based on the results, you can either improve or target a new set of keywords.

If it works for PPC

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