8 Observations About "The Social Network"

Ok, let us be honest. In writing, this does not sound like a really interesting topic for a movie: the development of a website by some nerdy college kids. Weeks ago when I first saw the trailer in the theater, I thought, "They must be kidding! Someone made a movie in regards to the creation of Facebook?"Do not get me wrong... I'm a voracious Facebooker. A long time before I chose to produce a career in social media, my friends named me "the Facebook Queen." I enjoy to be able to post on Saturday that I am beneath the weather, and then have 10 people ask me how I'm feeling the following trip to Sunday School. My hubby and I appreciate having electronic discussions on Facebook (while sitting alongside each other on our "dueling laptops" ).So, you receive it. I truly love Facebook. But did that mean I wanted to view a movie of a couple of children sitting in a dorm room writing HTML page? After the reviews began coming out, yes I did.There is plenty of in-depth reviews out there (and here's a very good reality vs. fiction evaluation from the Daily Beast). Instead of rehash what others have said, I will just provide some observations:( 1) Kudos to David Fincher for making it a very enjoyable film and taking what was fundamentally an MBA case study. The movie is fascinating, and I never once looked over my watch.( 2) People who like Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The American President) will love it... if you like fast, amusing discussion, this is I want to see you.-lrb- 3 ) andrew garfield in more shows ASAP and for you.( 3) Andrew Garfield (who represents Eduardo Saverin) is adorable. I am planning to examine "The Accidental Billionaires" to see if Saverin really did get a raw deal (without the massive settlement ).( 4) The actor who portrays equally of the Winklevoss twins (Armie Hammer) looks and seems like a new, better-looking Brendan Fraser. The specific effects were good too... Nothing can beat the unique "Parent Trap."( 5) Anybody else observe the irony that Mark Zuckerberg, the loneliest personality in the movie, is the driving power behind the world's most effective Free Banner Advertising?( 6) Jessie Eisenberg is great in the movie... Oscar nomination is a certain thing. And he deserves it for having to use flip-flops in the winter.( 7) Nice cameo by Rooney Mara as Zuckerberg's partner who puts him in the beginning credits... Getting excited about seeing her as Lisbeth Salander in the forthcoming "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."( 8) this movie may be PG-13, but this movie is not for the youngsters. Even if the aspects can understand the legal factors and business, and if they can make sense of the time travel leaps so fast they make "Lost" appear sluggish, kids do not have to begin to see the drugs and sex scenes which are a certain section of faculty. They'll get there quickly enough on their own.So if you are a social marketing geek like me (and even if you're not), I certainly recommend this movie!

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