Free Personal Proxy Machine Test to Cover Up Your IP Address

What is Private anonymous surfing serverA proxy is computer providing you with a network service to permit customers to produce oblique network connections to other network services. Personal proxy is setup for internal customers or paying clients. They have firewall or authentication process to stop unacceptable link. They're dedicated servers for customers and specific customers, faster, reliable, and safer than public free proxy.Pros1. Large performanceBecause the private proxy server is dedicated for customers and specific users, it will not be seen by many public users. So The rate, bandwidth are secured. The performance is much a lot better than the free public proxy servers.2. No security riskSome open proxy servers are given by hackers to get your data, they are dangerous. Such matter doesn't exist in personal servers.3.StabilityPrivate machine might be uptime 100%. The service will undoubtedly be available all of your life if you pay for them.Cons1. Not freePrivate host isn't free, you've to pay for cash to get service.It is good. As the resource( server,bandwidth) is only enjoyed on your own, so you can't get it without purchase.One private server price is normally 5$~10$ per month.2.Only one countryIf you like US proxy, you can buy US one.If you like UK proxy, you can buy UK one.But You can not buy private server in every region, and it is a of money to buy to numerous proxies.Free try multi-country solution for private proxy serversYou can not find private proxy server for free, also it is hard to find free try chance.Quick Hide IP Platinum software provides free try private proxies in numerous countries.Compared with other private server( 5~10$ per month), the software price is rather minimal, only 29.95$/year.Its significant functions are:1. US/UK/DE proxies can be used by you. There is no need to buy personal proxy in different countries.2. 3-day free trial offer to savor the individual service.3. Don't need to modify proxy in IE/Firefox/Chrome manually everytime, it is possible to do that in Quick Hide IP Platinum by "One Click."4. Fully appropriate for Web Browser, Google Opera, Mozilla Firefox.5. Fully appropriate for Windows XP,Windows 2003,Windows Vista and Windows 7.6. Routinely move IP address every X minutes for better private surfing.7.Advanced proxy list screening, selecting, sand administration.

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