The Beautiful View from Bellevue

Bellevue is a highly popular suburb of Seattle that is certainly quickly growing and seeming to almost match in scale. Located just across Lake Washington from Seattle about the east side, Bellevue condo short sales may be garnering interest mainly because it spreads. Bellevue is becoming termed as boomburb, or an edge city to Seattle. A boomburb is a suburb that has morphed in to a highly concentrated center of economic and shopping districts away from a large city. Bellevue would be the second largest city center in Washington, and has now been rated because the number one place to launch an enterprise in 2008 by CNNMoney's list. It was also placed 4th about the "best place to live in north america." Bellevue is a glowing, growing hub that is certainly experiencing success on all fronts. Many individuals prefer Bellevue to Seattle, as Bellevue is newer, and even slightly more metropolitan. It's more business oriented, the ones looking to begin a business need to look no further than this city. Bellevue is French for "beautiful view," and for good reason. The majority of the city has views over the ocean, and Seattle is so visible rising over the water.

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Bellevue also possesses a huge residential district in addition to the business, shopping and downtown centers. Bellevue incorporates a huge range of living opportunities, ranging from the some of the most upscale, luxurious homes within the whole state, towards the highly affordable family homes and condos. You will find there's large amount of waterfront and waterview homes, all facing west above the water to enjoy some truly stunning sunset views. Whether you need a condo in the middle of downtown Bellingham or even a luxury home in the middle of a beautiful residential community, Bellevue has it all.

Bellevue College and City University tend to be located in Bellevue, and both are known for their excellence. Bellevue College particularly, and they just recently changed into a four year institution and changed their name from Bellevue College. Serving approximately 35,000 students a year, this college has become the second largest institution for high education in the state. The Bellevue Crafts and arts Fair has been a tradition since 1947, and it is held in July. There's also the Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition that attracts thousands of spectators to appreciate art done by artists world wide, and Strawberry Festival is really a classic. Bellevue Square is visited by people all throughout the state, and has some of the most excellent shopping available. Beyond that, additionally, there are three more major shopping hubs: Factoria Mall, Crossroads Mall and Overlake Shopping District.

Interstate 90 and State Route 520 both go directly through Bellevue, making transportation quick and simple. It is a short jaunt over to downtown Seattle, then there is easy access to almost around the surrounding area. Bellevue is usually known for its incredible the bus and steps which the city takes to insure that it must be green. Because short sales Bellevue Washington is newer, you will discover stricter and more efficient green laws in place making Bellevue an excellent destination to live sustainably.

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The Beautiful View from Bellevue
The Beautiful View from Bellevue

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