Four Dangerous extreme seo tools Mistakes You May End Up Making

<li>Get to know the words you are missing</li>
<li>Get to know the size of the market for the keyword</li>
<li>Can check the average CPC of the keyword</li>
<li>Can find keywords with low competition and high search volume</li>
<li>Get to know the availability of advertisers</li>
<li>Finding LSI keywords for better onpage optimisation</li>
<li>Finding longtail keywords</li>
<li>Profitability of the keyword and better PPC campaigns</li>
<li>Whether you should target the keyword at all or not</li>
<li>Proper SEO strategy</li>

Now let me elaborate the discussion with the points I have already mentioned. If you unknowingly target very highly competitive keywords like credit card, mortgage etc chances are you can not get a good spot in search engine result pages. Because many webmasters/companies have already optimized their site with maximum possible SEO work. So before you target any keyword you must check out the competitiveness of it.

A good keyword research tool will show you a lot of related words which you might not have thought of. This is of extreme importance. This gives you an idea whether you are targeting popular keywords. Because searchers do not always type the exact terminology or the product name or the exact keyword you want to target. So you have to give it a thought regarding what people type when they intend to find your product or information you are providing.

Competitiveness and the volume of search reveals the size of the online market associated with the keyword you would be targeting, which will help you in getting more insight regarding where you are.

For publishers who completely depend upon pay per click advertising, there is an option to know the average cost per click (CPC), which is surely a place to find high paying AdSense keywords. Whether you should chase high paying AdSense words or not,that is another question, but you can find them.

For newbie bloggers and niche bloggers this is very important. If you target a keyword which is low in competition and high in volume of search, then you are at a good end.
The debate between SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC is probably the most heated in the world of Internet marketing. There are marketers who swear by pure SEO and then there are those who do nothing but PPC. But what many people fail to realize is that it is possible not to take the two as totally separate strategies. In fact, you can view SEO and PPC as being two sides of the same coin. In fact, I will go as far as to say that SEO is not complete without PPC and those marketers who insist on doing nothing but pure SEO are actually missing a lot.

More exposure

When you combine SEO and PPC you will definitely become more visible. Sure, you can get top ranking with SEO alone. But many people tend to forget that the top 3 results on Google and other search engines are usually PPC ads. This is why you shouldn't ignore PPC or reduce your PPC efforts even if you are ranking with SEO. Why stop with dominating the organic search when you can dominate the paid search results as well? Implementing both an SEO and PPC strategy will greatly increase traffic and will make your site look legit with the search engines.

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