How to Write Highly Convertible White Papers

Today white papers have to generate leads and, potentially, conversions. This is an awful lot to ask of documents that weren't invented with the intention of ever having to sell anything. Still, this is where we are now, but a lot is known about helping you give your market the things it needs. Content is still king and that is ultimately what will make your marketing successful. That does not mean, however, that you can ignore the way that you package your white paper content. That is what makes it really easy to make mistakes. Use the following tips to help increase the conversions your white papers produce. Only the can help you succeed in your guitar learning goals.

Business has had room for white papers for a long time; this isn't changing any time soon. But big changes have been happening to both the lifestyle and the pace for the business world. In short, we're all pressed for time from all directions and this has had an impact on white papers. You must take this into consideration when writing your papers. A lot of professional white paper writers are starting to respond to this huge time shortage by adopting better and user friendlier formats. The original format was 99% text and only employed images that were directly related to the content like with graphs and data tables. Don't abandon the use of important images but make sure your content is quite a lot easier to read, skim through and digest. Before you set about outlining your white paper, make sure that you truly understand exactly who is making up your audience. Unless the assignment is for a very specific audience, you can assume a variety of people will read it. This means that what you write is going to be read by people of all different disciplines and levels of expertise. You will be a lot more successful if you are able to connect with a variety of different audiences. Your tone and style need to be middle of the ground when you want to properly reach people across a variety of disciplines and specialties. There are different solutions in this situation, and one way to be safe is being as neutral as possible in the way you write and speak to audiences.

Typically today's white papers, sadly enough, are little more than highly elaborate sales copy. No, you cannot write a long form sales letter and call it a white paper. You are going to be expected to put some copy elements into your white papers when you want to be able to both write and then sell your white papers.

Lead generation has worked its way into the format which means that you need to do marketing as well as include above-average amounts of information. Today including calls to action inside of a white paper is pretty normal but it used to be almost totally taboo. Only time will tell if these changes are for the better. That's because the people who get white papers want pure information not mere sales devices. Why someone wrote a white paper - this is the only thing that may be considered questionable with this type of content. Typically, white papers are used not so much for information, but for marketing purposes. So they want their white papers to perform this function as well. So when people read these, and it's not very informative, but a sales pitch, they get upset.

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