What You Don't Know About best ipod dock Effectively Amaze You

It's on sale now for £199.

Design and features

The designers at Pure Technologies have obviously worked hard to simplify the control options. There's no LCD display, and the only status indicator is a single LED, which flashes in a series of colours to tell you what's going on. Bright red tells you it's on, while dim red indicates it's in sleep mode, for instance.

But there are also degrees of blue to tell you about the use of the dock, pink for the aux-in connection (3.5mm mini jack, around the back, in case you were wondering), alternating blue/green when it's setting up its Wi-Fi link and white for AirPlay issues. Usefully, it comes with a sticker on the bottom of the Contour to remind you what each rainbow hue means. It doesn't, however, feature DAB or FM radio -- unusually for a Pure product.

The set-up procedure couldn't be much simpler though (once you're up to speed on LED colour coding status). You switch it on, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the back until the LED flashes blue/green, your network detects it and you link it to your network using your browser on your computer or iDevice. Once that's done, the network finds it automatically when you switch it on and all you need to do is select the Contour from your AirPlay options in iTunes.


The sound is good, considering the price, but there are limits. There isn't huge depth to the bass, and in truth it's a little thin. But what's there is nicely controlled -- there's never a feeling of flabbiness from the low end, and it complements the clarity of the midrange well. So it is with the high end -- other devices might offer more high treble detail, but at least the Contour never seems to sound harsh or A best ipod dock portable .

There are no EQ options on board (you'll need to do that via your computer or handset) and with a total of 36 watts of power (2x18W RMS) and despite its twin bass ports, it couldn't really be described as a party starter, but it goes loud enough without distortion to fill an average-sized room with ease.

Extra features

Pure has been working on its own music services over the last few years and paying £4.99 a month will get you Pure Music audio streaming via the Pure Lounge with millions of tracks available online. Download the Pure Lounge app for iOS or Android and you can also tag and buy them, as well as play internet radio. That's on top of all the music you have stored on your computer and other paid-for music subscriptions, including Spotify and Last.fm. All in all, there's a lot of music available for the price, even if you don't get DAB or FM radio.


The Contour 200iAir is a good-looking package with a lot of potential. If you want style with high quality sound, you'll likely go for something like the B&W Zeppelin, but you can get style and pretty good sound from the Contour 200i for half the price.

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