Flipping Properties and Meeting New People

<p>I was invited to a party the other night but the problem was I didn't know the party hosts, and to be honest, I did not feel like attending the party one bit.

The truth of the matter is that I have been asked to go to parties similar to this in the past where I don&rsquo;t know the hosts, but with my girl friend pushing me, of course I did eventually go.

How come I did not want to go?

In my mind I had created fear of attending&hellip;which was not at all based in reality.

Whenever I thought about the party I pictured myself standing there to the side of the room, trying so hard to think of something to talk to someone about - and no matter how hard I tried, I always struggled to make a good connection with someone. I never was able to find common ground, the convos were always awkward, plus the music playing too loud in the background and I was just plain miserable.

That is pretty much how I always used to picture myself at a party.

Have you ever had a party experience similar to mine?

To be specific, these types of events are the ones you go to where you think to yourself you&rsquo;d actually rather be having a root canal than suffering through this agonizing torture&hellip;.

But what if, instead of dreading the party, I had expected and pictured myself enjoying it?

So instead of being a loner, talking to no one in the corner&hellip;imagine if I had expected to be surrounded by wonderful people interested in what I had to say, engaging in lively interesting conversation, while my favorite music played in the background, feeling wonderful, relaxed and 100% at ease?

How about if I had expected an experience more in tune with the above mentioned party, do you think, just maybe, that I would have been more open to attending the party?

The #1 Factor for House Flipping Success

Imagine for a moment being able to alter this kind of perception not just with regards to parties&hellip;but when you are about to make your first house flipping deal?

Let&rsquo;s say you have worked hard to start your house flipping career and you have finally found the perfect property to buy. Every sign is yelling yes. You have a good price, the financing is all lined up, you are sure of your expenses and you are sure about what you will be able to sell the property for.

But you imagine everything going wrong, with the house sitting on the market for months and years, as you watch your margins dwindle-month by month&hellip;

What are the chances that you are you going to do this house flip?

I'll tell you right now plain and simple-you don't stand a chance.

Instead, try picturing the house selling for more more than your worst case scenario, in less than 30 days, with you walking away with a very tidy profit for you and your joint venture partners as well as your financers.

To be successful you must adopt this sort of mindset.

This is not a wild theory that all will go perfect only because you think it ought to...that is not it at all. You need to have a specific strategy that diminishes the odds of the bad deal - so you can place yourself in a position to recieve the value and wonderful feelings instead of thinking of the pain.

And above all to gain this positive mindset, once you have done all that you need to then expect success in your mind and think only of all the good things to come from the deal.

This is the mindset you need to flip houses and this is how you will be most successful.</p> <p>To find out more about flipping houses, as well as house flipping mindset by clicking this link.</p>

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