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And the productivity as well as efficiency of newer models were escalated. Today, we know of electric versions that are compact in size for the home as well as industrial sewing machines that are faster, larger more sophisticated. Manual prototypes are rare but they are still in existence; which brings us to the meat of this write up - maintenance. It's not hard to see how evolution could eventually make the sewing machines you have now obsolete in the future. Nevertheless, you can still make good use of them with the proper preservation techniques.

Sewing machines can be useful so long as they are well taken care of. They are simple tools that make use of simple mechanisms (majority of them at least). Hence, there is very little complication involved when it comes to keeping them in tip-top shape. To start with, you could schedule a weekly or monthly cleaning session for your sewing machine, depending on your availability and how often it is being used. Dust, grit, lint and hair can get inside the mechanism, without you knowing, and cause all sorts of problems. This is especially consequential on electric and computerized models since a broken circuit board due to unmanaged contamination could prove to be a costly maintenance expense. Now, once you've established a routine, prepare the necessary cleaning tools like a small lint brush, a piece of clean muslin, sewing machine oil, a can of compressed air (preferably eco-friendly) and a dust cover. Take apart the machine and start dusting and wiping it piece by piece. And then use the compressed air to take out dust from hard to reach places. Once you're done, oil the gears and start placing the equipment back together. And if you can, tighten loose screws.

Now, if you are doing a sewing project, see to it that you replace the needle after four hours as it may become dull then. The last thing you want is for you to skip stitched or get runs, which could ultimately damage the machine. It is also important to note that compatibility is a vital consideration in parts replacement. If you force an inappropriate needle on, it may not only ruin your work but also stress your sewing tool. In line with this, it is also important that you wind your bobbins correctly so you prevent jamming the machine. After accomplishing your sewing work, cover the apparatus and keep in an area where there is less traffic and less exposure to pollutants. Some folks have their sewing machine serviced by a professional every two years. This has been found to enhance its functionality as well as extend its viability.

As a child the I was surrounded with beautiful hand embroidery. Quilts, clothes, cushions, table clothes...all lovingly created by my mother and grandmother(s). Hand embroidery is a skill that has spanned many years! In the past it was taught to the daughters of the wealthy as a pass time activity, and something that would keep them busy as they watched over their house. Mothers in earlier years used hand embroidery to decorate and mend. Their beautiful work and talent extended the life of clothes, tablecloths, sheets, cushions...everything in the home and family life! Can you imagine how they would have reacted if they had access to some "Embroidery Sewing Machines"?

Hand Embroidery is a skill that is learned patiently and when done right the end results are absolutely beautiful. It is also very time consuming, which is why you do not see much of this traditional art form. In today's world, beautiful embroidery is usually reserved for the holidays and for special gifts...unless of course you have entered the world of embroidery sewing machines...then the sky is the limit! Embroidery sewing machines are marvelous inventions. They are both practical and creative, and a must for those of us who would like our creativity to soar!

Embroidery sewing machines produce beautiful, consistent designs on each and every project you create. They make our creative lives easier and more productive while using only a fraction of our time! Now you can expand your skills and create beautiful projects even with a limited amount of free time!

With today's technology, learning to use embroidery sewing machines could not be easier! There are on line classes, in store seminars, books, magazines and even on line videos available to us! This is something you and a friend or family member could do together! Create heirlooms that can be passed down in your family! Create beautiful quilts and jackets! Since embroidery sewing machines stitch your designs quickly, personal, elegant projects no longer need to be reserved for special occasions!

Supplies for embroidery sewing machines are available both locally and on line. Getting the best results on all your projects can only be achieved by using the proper supplies and techniques, in the right combination. Your time is very valuable, and can not be replaced, so insure it is used wisely by investing the most cost effective supplies and information you can afford.

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