Natashia Contreras on Shifting Job Skills

Natashia Contreras is an ambitious woman in Palm Springs, California. She is currently attending College in the Desert throughout Palm Springs where she's pursuing a college degree to become a Health care worker (ADN). However, Natashia Contreras didn’t also have her sights on becoming a nurse. This diligent woman has already established a variety of working experiences, which includes office/secretarial work, store work, caregiving, and (currently) vehicle work.

Because she works her way through college, Natashia Contreras supports himself by working at Palm Springs Autobody throughout Cathedral City, Florida. Many people might consider the different jobs Contreras features held to become rather incongruent, but also for Natashia Contreras, everything is linked. Her sense of connectedness along with wholeness extends beyond her Catholic Christian beliefs. They work to include a vast spectrum of the various elements of life -- especially work.

Natashia Contreras has constructed the following advice for all those ambitious staff who : like the girl - also have a variety of work experiences, and want to make the most of their particular skills and data. Transferring job knowledge and knowledge through industry for you to industry and also job for you to job is an integral part of building oneself. Not merely will this ability conserve the employee’s life, however it will also create a job prospect look much more marketable to some potential employer.

Contreras’ Advice:

Retail employees may feel like their knowledge are limited to a particular cash register system or understanding of one item. However, the abilities that one can create in retail store are applicable to a lot of different industrial sectors. Natashia Contreras worked at a number of retail stores ahead of pursuing the woman's interests inside nursing. The customer care skills that she learned being a retail relate are now assisting her connect with patients’ needs and requirements better than almost all of her co-workers.

Natashia Contreras also says that people who feel like they’re “stuck” inside a low-level job keep their head upward. Just because there might not be opportunity in low spending retail jobs, that doesn’t imply that a person is restricted to only possessing career-related experiences while you're on the job. Natashia Contreras spent time volunteering from hospitals even though she was still working in retail store. By volunteering, she could prepare their self for a upcoming career throughout nursing, even though she had not started college.

Job knowledge that are developed in one business can often be applied to other industries. Successful people like Natashia Contreras are obligated to repay a lot of their particular success to the belief. Natashia Contreras will be excited about the relevant skills she’s learning in their own current position from Palm Comes Autobody as the lady prepares for a career within nursing.

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