How to Choose Colors for Screen Printing

Screen printing is really a very easy-to use process. Frequently, materials such as pure nylon and cotton fabric monitors are accustomed to print designs on fabric. Such paints and inks are used which are either no-VOC or very low in VOC. An important part is always to decide the colours you want to use. Those items required for screen printing are: T-shirt or fabric, screen with designs, squeegee, screen printing ink and a flat surface. You need to think about the following issues while choosing the colours.See the colour of the fabric that you are using. Light coloured shirts should preferably have designs in dark colours, and dark shirts in light colours. Select a colour that is clearly different from the backdrop or the routine won't be apparent from more than the usual few feet away.
Look at the colour pallette that you want for printing. A primary structure makes use of the different shades of red, yellow and blue. Extra colour structure uses colour such as red, green and violet which are manufactured by mixing primary colours. A monochromatic colour scheme uses various colors of exactly the same colour, while secondary scheme uses colors which lie corner from each other on the colour wheel, such as pink and orange, red and green and blue and orange. The elements which you must bear in mind while determining the colour scheme are the colour of your material and the topic you are screening.
If you have white shaded fabric, remember that some colours like red and black stick out on white cloth. Yellow and white flaunt greatly on black material. Just in case you wish to use light shades for developing a light coloured top, use a black color for detailing the design. When you are using several colour for style which touch or overlap, apply the background colour first screen printing. Allow it to dry completely and than paint one other color.
Colors may be used to place across various messages. Dark and dull shades have a certain meaning. Bright pastel colours possess a different one. Think about the effect you want to create on the audience and the message you want to mention and than decide on the colour scheme.
Test various possible combinations and ask your friends and family about their opinion. When your designs are designed for offering to everyone or even to use it as a staff model, it would be considered a good idea to understand what the folks think of your designs.For American market, I must say I suggest Newtons Custom printed bags designs for making their own unique designs under authorities umbrella. You'll happy to hear they don't impose Setup charges and you'll preserve around $30 to $80.

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