Chinese medicine resources and distribution of huangshan - Waterproof hd Camcorder 1080P Manufactur

Chinese medicine resources and distribution of huangshan - Waterproof hd Camcorder 1080P Manufactur

Anhui Huangshan is situated in the southern mountain, highest peak 1860 meters above sea level Lotus Peak is the peak of mountains, central China. Composed largely of granite mountains, the soil was acidic, rich in annual rainfall, particularly one particular in August to a maximum of 5. As the terrain, micro-climate altering, the vertical distribution of vegetation is fairly clear, can be divided into evergreen broad-leaved forest, evergreen broad-leaved sony hdr-cx130 review deciduous forest zone, deciduous broad-leaved forest, mountain dwarf forest, and mountain shrub zone, and mountain meadow band.

1) evergreen sony hdr-xr160 broad-leaved forestest

Distribution of evergreen broad-leaved forest at an altitude of 500 to 1,000 meters, for the mountain yellow soil. Medicinal plants eyrei, Daphniphyllum, Mao Li, Shan Huai, ovatum, mountains of red, Litsea, sumac, mountain pepper, sweet gum, wood wax tree, Cephalotaxus, Torreya, Myrsinaceae, tree Participation, Ardisia sony hdr-cx160 review crenata, heather, Ilex, Vaccinium bracteatum, Mahonia, Elaeagnus, umbrella Hydrangea, rubrum, sony hdr-cx160 Daqing, Peng Lei, eggs Ye Yuanzhi, Eupatorium lindleyanum, Tu'erdi umbrella, Wintergreen, light bamboo, Ophiopogon, Wo Ye soil Ophiopogon, Polygonatum, Sedum March 7, SSB, stone spider plant, Aconitum, heavy floor, Gynostemma and octagonal lotus so.

2) evergreen broad-leaved deciduous forest zone

Deciduous broad-leaved evergreen mixed forest located in a 1250 m above sea level amongst 900, for the mountain yellow brown soil. Medicinal plants eyrei, Daphniphyllum, Mao Li, Shan Huai, ovatum, Litsea, Lindera, Liquidambar, wood wax tree, the tree parameters, Mahonia, Elaeagnus, umbrella Hydrangea, crude oil the grass, Wintergreen, rubrum, Daqing, stone spider plants, of incense, yellow Aralia, Stachyuraceae, 5 Canada, Euscaphis, Qin Berry, Aconitum, heavy floor and Wo Ye Ophiopogon so.

3) deciduous broad-leaved forest

Deciduous broad-leaved forest located in a 1,500 meters above sony hdr-xr160 review sea level among 1200, the mountain yellow brown soil. Medicinal plants Daphniphyllum, Mao Li, Ma Yin-hua, Litsea, Wo Ye soil Radix, umbrella Hydrangea, crude oil of the grass, Wintergreen, Daqing, eggs Yeyuan Zhi, Sam aggregata, Gold Thread Mei, Cornus, Pd, Huang Jing, Shi spider plant, Aralia yellow, Stachyuraceae, Hong fruit trees, four according to flower, hypoglaucum, sphenanthera, Aconitum, Coptis, Thalictrum significant leaves, white to straw stone hot pepper, earth angelica, purple Peucedanum, Qi Hao (Jun cream), several Patrinia, Patrinia (rouge Sony HDR-CX260V Ma), buckwheat leaf mother of pearl, heavy floor, stone and Smilax such make contact with.

4) The mountain dwarf shrubs

Mountain dwarf shrub distributed in 1400 to 1650 meters above sea level. Medicinal plants Daphniphyllum, Mao Li, ovatum Litsea, Wo Ye soil Radix, umbrella Hydrangea, Daqing, eggs Ye Yuanzhi, Witch Hazel, rock spider sony hdr-cx130 plant, Japan linden, Anhui Berberis, yellow elata Wood, Stachyuraceae, hypoglaucum, sphenanthera, Aconitum, Coptis chinensis, white to straw, stone hot pepper, frost in June, Patrinia completely different, rouge Ma, buckwheat leaves fritillary, heavy floor, Trachelospermum jasminoides, panasonic hdc-tm90 review NG wind grass, garlic and star anise lotus and so on. veratridine.

Mountain meadow located in a 1840 m of the top rated 1600. Medicinal plants of the grass crude oil, white to straw, Pd, Egeria ligustilide, white to straw, completely different Patrinia, hair lacquer, Wu wind grass, back care Pedicularis, garlic veratridine, ligustilide and Lung bulbs and.

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