Video Review: Green Lantern - For Kids Only

Movie: Green LanternStarring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake LivelyDirector: Martin CambellComic book movies such As The Dark Knight and Iron Man have proven that very hero stories don't generally have to be just for kids. Green Fluorescent light fixture however is really a movie that is just the opposite destined to be appreciated only by comic book enthusiasts and 11 year old males (before the next very hero movie). Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan a shot check pilot who is brash and irresponsible but additionally a really great pilot (duh). Blake Lively plays his former co-pilot and clear and boring love interest. After an evil entity who feeds on anxiety known as Parallax is unleashed.A band of intergalactic peace owners known Greencorps (other strange designs of Green lantern) are confronted. One is wounded and crash lands in the world, knowing he is going to die he sends forth his band of power to locate a successor. The ring results in the hands of the aforementioned Hal. It gives him the energy to conjure up whatever he would ever guess but as soon finds he must clear himself of his worries and be brave to dominate. The film adopts a whole lot more detail than I just did explaining such things as "power streams", "guardians" and the distinction between fighting with anxiety and using the power of your will. As you often will guess it all begins to feel pretty silly and in the end doesn't matter much to the actual plot which is pretty simplistic when you take away all the comic book jargon.The major target of the movie eventually ends up being Ryan Reynolds in cheesy goofball method acquiring how cool it is to be very hero. This has now pretty much develop into a cliche of comic book videos and has been done much better in other shows like Spider-man. Natural Lantern also devotes an excessive amount of screen time for you to the laughable and improbable love story between Hal and Carol. Blake Lively at times appears to be examining her lines from a cue card just off camera. Their relationship is really a complete waste of the people time.There is definitely an interesting aspect story involving Hector, the son of senator who becomes infected by Parallax and begins to own odd capabilities like reading people's thoughts and telepathy. He seems to know both Hal and Carol while their connection is never fully explained. Philip Sarsgaard takes this character and actually gives him some life you start to believe that at the least the movie could have a fascinating villain. The script writers however do not really learn how to make that happen and stop the premise before it gets going. Opting as an alternative for a mysterious emotionless creature to dominate the action (dull). Which Hal must beat through the ability of his won't fear. Why? Because fear is terrible. For simply how much they speak about this in the movie it is never really defined at all. Hector's character who is broken by fear would have been a good way to demonstrate the difference but I do not think the authors wanted to think to deeply so that they got rid of him instead.Now onto the most important section of any picture, the specific effects. For the talk the specific effects are just sufficient not amazing. The alien character types I felt were sort of boring. A bit too much like Star Trek from the 1960's or something right out of Star Wars. For the most part the online suit Hal wears looks good except in several scenes were it looks a touch too cartoonish. It can not really detract from the activity that much though. Not around the negative scripting and easy story that does not learn how to get any real psychological response from the market. So proceed take your 11 year old brother or nephew to see it he could feel it is really cool, at the very least before next super hero movie.

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